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Importance of Fertilizer and Nutrients For Marijuana

Nutritional disorders in plants are caused by the scarcity of one or several nutrients. Over twenty elements are required by a plant to grow. Plants take carbon, hydrogen and oxygen dissolved in water and air. The rest of the elements known as minerals are dissolved in the nutritional solution. The primary nutrients are phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium. Secondary nutrients such as calcium and magnesium are required in lesser amount. Iron, zinc, boron, manganese, molybdenum and copper are called trace elements or micro-nutrients. Choosing the best fertilizer for marijuana plants will enhance your marijuana plant considerably. It is important for the success of the crop of marijuana.[ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ 10 ]  [ 11 ]  [ 12 ]


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Nutrients & Fertilizer For Growing Weed Plants

  • Do marijuana plants require fertilizers during germination?

Marijuana plants do not require fertilizers while germination, because fertilizers may burn the seedlings. However, as the plant grows larger, you can provide supplemental nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium if necessary. During the vegetative phase of marijuana plant, a good fertilizer with phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen can be given for correct growth and progress of the plant. Most of the experienced growers dilute the formula given by the fertilizer manufacturer to 1 ½ -1 ¼ strength, because marijuana cannot tolerate full potency of the fertilizers. Normally growers use fertilizers two times in a week but some of them use it every day. During flowering stage of the marijuana, you must provide a higher amount of phosphorous to induce and support developing flowers. The amount of flowers has direct influence on the yield of marijuana.

  • What are some important points when using fertilizers for marijuana?

Marijuana plant requires nutrients and fertilizers to grow. These substances play an important role in strong root development and fast growth of the plant. As a marijuana grower you must keep certain things in mind to ensure the health of the plant. You must check your plants every week to ensure that they are healthy and stable. Check if they are lacking any nutrients. The problems related to nutrients can be easily corrected, but improving it on time is important for the health, growth and proper development of the marijuana plant. You should stop fertilizing the plants about two weeks before your estimated harvesting time. During that time plants will wash out all the remaining fertilizers from their systems. This will give you chemical free buds. Spray your plants with water if you want tasty and not harsh, healthy yield of marijuana.

  • What are some of the tips which can be used while fertilizing marijuana?

Some of the important tips which can be used while fertilizing marijuana plant are:

  • Adding sufficient quantity of nitrogen ensures fast and lush growth of marijuana.
  • Calcium can be used to control the pH balance of the soil.
  • Nitrogen is an important element which is required for proper seedling and flowering of marijuana.
  • The use of potassium is important for strong stems and giving high resistance to the plants.
  • The amount of nutrients to add to the water depends upon the size of the marijuana plant, size of the container or pot and the general state of the plant.
  • When you add nutrients or fertilizers to the plant, always add it with water.
  • Spraying the leaves with fertilizer solution is an excellent way to fertilize large plants with nutrient deficiency.
  • One can detect nutrient deficiency by seeing the colour and condition of leaves.

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