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For over 8 years, Mary Jane’s Garden has been helping out people to buy cannabis seeds online by providing them with a wide selection of high-quality premium marijuana seeds like the White Widow, Lowryder, Cheese, Northern Lights and Skunk strains. 

Our cannabis seeds are from all different seed types including Regular cannabis seeds, Feminized cannabis seeds, Autoflowering cannabis seeds and High CBD marijuana seeds for medical use. All our cannabis seeds have high germination rates and we have different categories of marijuana seeds that are perfect for indoor and outdoor growing. 

With our Cheap Prices and Shipping Discounts, we are not only one of the safest and easiest seed banks online to transact with, but we also ensure your information is safe at all costs.

All our marijuana seeds undergo a meticulous and careful selection process, ensuring all of them are inspected for any deformities and damage. All our premium marijuana seeds are of the highest quality standards and all are guaranteed to have high germination rates.

Why Buy Marijuana Seeds from Our Store

If you are looking online on where to purchase marijuana seeds, you should always begin by having a full understanding of what strains you are looking for and which one you think will be perfect for you and the resources that you have to grow them.

There are several marijuana seed types to choose from and each one of them has specific characteristics that are more advantageous from others in unique ways.

Like for example, the autoflowering marijuana seeds grow faster than others and it actually does flower on its own time however, autoflowering marijuana plants may have smaller yields compared to others seed types, primarily because of the overall size of the plant itself. This is highly advantageous for beginner growers and medical patients as this is easiest to grow, but if you are planning to grow bigger harvests then going with autoflowering seeds may not be the best option for you.

Make sure to make a good assessment of your grow space and your other resources before you even start picking which exact strain you are going with. Remember, happy plants in the correct environments will surely have a maximum yield.

Here in Mary Jane’s Garden, all our cannabis seeds are of superior genetics and are produced with strict quality assurance measures to ensure that our products are of world-class quality. We are able to offer our marijuana seeds at a lower cost because we have already perfected the production of these specific marijuana seeds strains that we carry. We only guarantee premium high-quality cannabis seeds everytime you order a batch!

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In just a few easy steps, you can easily buy the best marijuana seeds that you like. Just check out our categorized cannabis seeds library and decide which one you think is the best for you! 

Here in Mary Jane’s Garden, we ensure that all our premium marijana seeds are of world quality standards and are produced from superior genetics that we have perfected along the years of experience.

Types of Cannabis Seeds for Sale

1. Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular Marijuana Seeds are your good old seeds in its pure form. Regular Cannabis seeds possess the natural pace of the marijuana strains that are popular today. Regular Marijuana seeds are also the cheapest among different types of seeds and these seeds are photoperiod, meaning they depend on light schedules to start flowering. Furthermore, regular cannabis seeds have a 50:50 chance of becoming either a male or a female cannabis plant.

2. Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized Marijuana seeds grow at the same pace as the regular version of it. The only difference is these cannabis plants undergo feminization wherein the seeds produced have zero amounts of the Y chromosome in it hence guaranteeing an all female garden when you use premium feminized cannabis seeds. Feminized seeds are also photoperiod like regular cannabis seeds and this is the seed type most professional growers use.

3. Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering Marijuana seeds are hybrid strains of either Indica or Sativa strains crossed with the Cannabis Ruderalis strain that possess an autoflowering characteristics that allows them to flower based on age and not by photoperiod. These plants are usually shorter than their regular version as super quick growing too. This is the perfect seed for medical patients and beginner growers.

4. High CBD Marijuana Seeds

High CBD Marijuana strains are highly recommended for medical marijuana patients. CBD is a chemical compound found in cannabis that provides a wide array of health benefits less the psychoactive effects. High CBD strains will not get you stoned. Perfect for pain relief or remedy for inflammation. High CBD strains are recommended for other medical applications as well. Make sure to check with a licensed marijuana doctor to ensure you get your perfect dose. High CBD seeds also come in different seed types, its up to you if you prefer regular, feminized or autoflowering versions.

Is Buying Cannabis Seeds Online Legal?

Yes! Buying cannabis seeds online is totally legal. This is if you order from countries that have also legalized both medical and recreational uses of marijuana. Ordering cannabis seeds online is legal especially if it is shipped out from a country that has legalized cannabis. The cannabis seeds purchased will be shipped out to you via private mail. Feel free to contact our customer service team for any queries or additional requests.

Do We Have Medical Marijuana Seeds For Sale or Free Samples?

Yes, we have premium medical marijuana seeds for patients who prefer medical cannabis strains that are widely recommended for pain and inflammation reduction. 

Unfortunately, we do not give out free marijuana seeds however we do give free samples when you place your order online from our seedbank.

Here in Mary Jane’s Garden, we are confident that you will be able to grow beautiful bud bearing marijuana plants out of our superior genetics and high quality premium cannabis seeds. 

If you are planning to buy cannabis seeds or buy marijuana seeds, make sure to check the tips above to ensure a hassle free and safe transaction.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact our customer support any time you like! 

Tips in Choosing a Reputable Marijuana Seed Bank

1. Check the Seed bank’s History

Make sure you do this as the first step when selecting which seed bank to transact with when buying marijuana seeds online. With our advantage because of the technological age we are experiencing today, it has been easier for people to check and investigate the background of companies just by a few clicks on the internet.

While doing that, make sure you also check the history of the seed bank’s website too. We can say that those that have been in the business longer are more likely to be reputable than the new ones. I’m not saying this is always the case, but usually those that are already seasoned in this line of business have been in it for longer periods of time. Read customer reviews to have a vantage point on how these specific seed companies deal with their buyers.

2. Check Shipping Details & Payment Methods

Always check and make sure you have the full understanding of what you are going to expect once the cannabis seeds have been despatched. Make sure you know how it is packaged (you can go for stealth shipping), How it is shipped, how long it will take and if there are additional costs. All these important information and details should be readily available for you, if you contact their customer service team.

Here in Mary Jane’s Garden, we ship our premium high-quality marijuana seeds worldwide especially in Canada, England, Australia, Europe and the rest of the countries. 

We also offer stealth shipping for those who need a more discreet shipping option and we accept online payments for all major credit cards, via Bank wire transfer or Cash.

If you are unsure, please feel free to contact our customer support team to answer all your questions! We have a dedicated team that is ready to respond to you from purchase all the way through to receiving your orders.

3. Compare Strains, Prices and Reviews

When you are keen to buy cannabis seeds online, surely you have checked out and read information regarding the different strains that are available out there. Make sure you do a comparison of the prices and the different strains. Also make sure to check the customer reviews of the strains you are opting to buy as this will give you a better overview of what plant to expect from the marijuana seeds you order.

Why Should I Buy Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

Why Female Marijuana Plants? 

If you are after those smokeable and huge buds, then you need to grow a female marijuana plant. This is because these marijuana buds that we love to smoke are the flowers of the female cannabis plant. Male cannabis plants do not produce buds but instead develop pollen sacs that later on bursts and shoots pollen in the air to fertilize females. 

In short, there is no reason why we should be growing males and ensure that we only grow an all female batch to ensure we reap out the maximum yield out of the grow space being used.

What are Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

Feminized marijuana seeds are genetically modified cannabis seeds that undergo a breeding process wherein the male chromosome is eliminated hence producing a batch of seeds that are 99% guaranteed to turn out as female marijuana plants. 

The feminization process takes advantage of the cannabis plant’s natural response for survival, where female plants that are exposed to stress turn into hermaphrodites wherein they are able to develop the males reproductive organ that contains an all female genetics.

Will the Marijuana Seeds we have For Sale Grow?

Yes! All our medical and regular strains can be used for growing the best marijuana buds or flowers. The THC contents, flowering and the germination will be fully dependent on your methods on growing techniques. Our premium cannabis seeds for sale have a sprouting rate of 99% and will surely produce top shelf quality cannabis flowers.


1. Is it Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online?

Yes, it is legal to buy marijuana seeds online as long as it is from a legal seed bank that is located and operating  in countries where cannabis is also legalized. These cannabis seeds will be shipped out via private mail and always check if there are other shipping methods available like discreet or stealth shipping.

2. Why Buy Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

Only female cannabis plants can produce the marijuana buds we are after. Starting your grow with feminized cannabis seeds will allow you to have an all female garden that can produce the maximum yields of marijuana buds or flowers. Male cannabis plants can cause issues if they are left undiscovered and can pollinate other females in the garden which is detrimental to your harvest.

3. Does Marijuana Seeds for Sale Online Grow?

Yes, if you buy marijuana seeds from a reputable seed bank, you are guaranteed that you will only be getting premium and high-quality cannabis seeds. Premium  Marijuana seeds have high germination rates and are all produced with the highest quality standards with superior genetics. These methods have allowed stronger and more robust plants that can produce maximum yields.