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Marijuana Grow Room Design & Building

A well planned grow room is easier to work in and also prevents common mistakes and mishaps. You can use any space to make it a lightproof and enclosed environment suitable for plants. You can utilize attic grow room to even a tented area of the house. One thing which you should consider is ventilation and space around the plants. You can grow marijuana in small grow rooms but for this you need to train your plants downwards using wires as these grow very fast under artificial lights. Another thing which is very important when growing marijuana indoors is fans, pumps, odours and bright light may sometimes attract unnecessary attention and distract neighbours.[ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ 10 ]  [ 11 ]  [ 12 ]


Durban Poison
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Durban Poison Feminized
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Dutch Dope
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Early Misty
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Easy Rider
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First Girl
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Weed Grow Rooms, Design and How To

  • What are the factors which should be considered when choosing a grow room for marijuana?

Building a grow room is the most exhaustive part of growing marijuana indoors. The grow room can be anything from a closet to a tented area of your house. There are some important aspects which must be kept in mind while choosing a space to grow marijuana indoors:

  • Light: There should not be any external light sources in the grow rooms. During the darkness phase, plants need only minimal light.
  • Temperature: The temperature of the grow rooms should not be extremely cold or hot. Marijuana plants thrive in temperatures 70-85 degrees. While using lights, it is important that the intensity is not too much to destroy your yield.
  • Humidity: The grow rooms should not be damp or too dry. Make sure that humidity in your grow rooms has 40-50% humidity.
  • What are the safety requirements when planning  grow rooms?

Safety is a crucial consideration while planning a grow room indoors. Electric appliances and water supplies should be separated. Before starting to grow, ensure all pipes and timers are working properly. Double check all the electrical connections. It is always safe to buy a new gear but if you are using an old check it thoroughly. You can buy new lights if very old as those can give poor results. After you have set the whole system, give it a dummy run first to check any errors in set-up. Watch the timers and reservoirs do not overdo. Check for lights so that it does not escape out of the grow room. You must also check for temperature settings so that there is no fluctuation. Keep a fire extinguisher as a safety measure.

  • What is the importance of ventilation and air-circulation in grow rooms?

When you set-up grow rooms for marijuana, make sure that the rooms have ventilation to bring fresh air in and exhaust old air. It is therefore important to have a good air ventilation system in grow rooms. The quality of air and carbon dioxide in grow rooms play vital roles in the yield, as this is what is required for plants to thrive. You will require one fan for circulation of air in grow-room and exhaust. There are different types of fans and exhaust available in market which one can choose from. A good exhaust fan not only cleans the air but it is also important to remove the smell from the air.  Due to the advanced technologies one can find several good options available in the market these days.

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