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Harvesting Marijuana – When & How To Harvest?

Marijuana harvesting is not difficult but it will require your time and patience. It is essential that you know the right time of harvesting before you start growing marijuana, either indoor or in an outdoor area. Harvesting weed earlier or later will define the amount of THC you can obtain from the marijuana plant. Depending on the grower, the time of harvest will vary. If a strong head high is what you re looking for, it is best to harvest the weeds earlier because during this time, the THC content is higher. Harvesting an over-ripen weed will give you a low content of THC. For weed growers who want to harvest their buds for selling purposes, they favor to let the buds ripen a little longer to increase weight.

Marijuana is ready to harvest if you see that the white hairs are turning to reddish brown. If almost 50% of the pistils change their color, then harvest can be started. However, harvesting will largely depend on the desired THC level. Harvesting the weed will only require a few essential tools. Sharp scissors, storage bags, magnifying glass, light and enough workspace are necessary. Prepare also the materials you will need during marijuana drying. Secure strings because you will use this in hanging your weeds. Make sure that you will be working in a dark room because presence of light can lower the THC level in the marijuana buds.

Harvesting marijuana and drying it will need you to follow accurately some simple steps to prevent mold growth. Prior to harvesting, stop giving your plant with fertilizers one to two weeks before the set date of harvest. The purpose of this is to flush out the chemicals present in the cannabis plant, making sure that it is not already there when you smoke it. It is recommended that right before harvesting the weed, you should stop giving marijuana plants with water. This will help the plants dry quickly.

Harvesting Marijuana

When and How To Harvest Weed at the Right Time

In harvesting marijuana, you should be very careful not to put pressure on the buds. Use sharp scissors to ensure even cuttings. During cuttings, you may leave the stems on so that it would be easier to attach them to the strings for dry hanging. After the harvest is done, you can now begin with the drying process. Drying time will differ with the size of the marijuana buds. For bigger ones, it can take 2-3 weeks to complete the drying. If the buds are smaller, one week is given for it to dry completely.

After all the buds are dried, proper storage comes next. Canning jars with tight lids are recommended. This is to prevent mold growth on your newly harvested buds. Keep the jars full as much as possible. Regularly check on your jars, making sure that no moisture is build up. Jars are best place in a dry, cool and dark area. One month after harvesting marijuana and storing it in jars, you can now transfer them to a freezer for storage. Take note that the longer time it is stored, the more strong it will become.

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