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Girl Scout Cookies Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Girl Scout Cookies Strain is a well-known marijuana hybrid strain that has drawn much interest recently. This strain is highly sought after by cannabis fans due to its unique aroma, flavor, and powerful effects. Due to its well-balanced Indica and Sativa genetics, which offer a mellow fusion of physical and psychological benefits, GSC has become very popular. It is an excellent option for people looking for a powerful and euphoric high because of its high THC and low CBD content. Mary Jane’s Garden provides premium, wholesale marijuana seeds ideal for producing GSC for individuals interested in growing their plants. If you want to make high-quality, potent plants that are sure to please, Mary Jane’s Garden has everything you need, whether you are a seasoned grower or are just getting started. Girl Scout Cookies from Mary Jane’s Garden is the only premium cannabis variety you need if you want it to deliver on all counts.

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What is Girl Scout Cookies Strain?

Girl Scout Cookies Strain is a well-known Indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain that has attracted a lot of interest in the cannabis community. Its distinctive flavor and strong effects have made it a widely sought-after strain thanks to the genetic fusion of Durban Poison and OG Kush that gave rise to it. Girl Scout Cookies are known to provide a potent and euphoric high, with typical THC concentrations between 18% and 27% and CBD concentrations between 0.1% and 0.6%. The strain is thought to have come from California, where it immediately established itself as a must-try variety for cannabis connoisseurs. Girl Scout Cookies are currently widely regarded as one of the best hybrid strains available thanks to their popularity, which has only continued to soar. Girl Scout Cookies are a fantastic option for individuals searching for a strong and uplifting experience because of their high THC levels, balanced by their low CBD content.


The scent of Girl Scout Cookies Strain is sweet and earthy with hints of citrus, wood, and spices.


The strain’s flavor is equally complex, with strong earthy and sweet chocolate and mint undertones.


Girl Scout Cookies are commonly recognized by their dense, frosted buds, which are an intense shade of green.

Strain Profile

Strain Parents: Durban Poison and OG Kush
Strain Dominant: Indica-Dominant
CBD Content: 0.20%
THC Content: 25%
Flowering Time: 9 weeks

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Growing Information

Girl Scout Cookies Strain is a fantastic strain for both novice and expert growers because it is reasonably simple to grow. This strain may produce 400–600 grams per square meter when cultivated indoors. The output can be much higher when grown outdoors, with some plants producing up to 600 grams per plant. The optimum cultivation technique for this strain is the Sea of Green (SOG) method, which takes between 9 and 10 weeks for Girl Scout Cookies to blossom.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Medical Benefits

Girl Scout Cookies are a very adaptable strain that can provide users with a variety of medical advantages. It is well-liked by persons who experience the symptoms of anxiety, extreme sadness, and stress because of its reputation for easing these symptoms. The strain is also renowned for its potent pain-relieving properties, which makes it a great option for people who suffer from chronic pain issues. Additionally, Girl Scout Cookies can boost appetite, making them a wonderful option for people who experience appetite loss as a result of illness or medical treatment.

Final Thoughts

Girl Scout Cookies Strain is a highly sought-after strain that is prized by growers and smokers alike for its unique combination of effects and flavor. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing, uplifting high or simply want to enjoy the delicious flavor of this strain, it’s easy to see why Girl Scout Cookies is such a popular choice. If you’re looking to buy wholesale marijuana seeds, be sure to check out the selection at Mary Jane’s Garden – the best place to find high-quality seeds and other products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Girl Scout Cookies Strain Indica or Sativa?

A hybrid strain called Girl Scout Cookies has an Indica/Sativa ratio that is almost 60/40. GSC is the ideal strain for a calm day because it will make you feel relaxed without making you fall asleep.

What is this strain good for?

The benefits of GSC are highly potent and helpful to the medical community in a variety of ways. This strain excels at alleviating cramps, muscle tension, inflammation, and chronic pain. With its strong sedative effects, you’ll experience relief right away.

Is this strain strong?

GSC has THC concentrations as high as 28%, making it a very strong combo. It is for people who want to experience a potent, calming high that begins in the head and spreads throughout the body.

1 review for Girl Scout Cookies Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Michael N Koval

    really sturdy and simple to cultivate. Two phenos, one with a short blooming period and one with a longer flowering period, were ready for me in 7 weeks and 9 weeks, respectively.

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