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Auto CBD Girl Scout Cookies (1:1) Marijuana Seeds

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Created by Dinafem, Auto CBD Girl Scout Cookies 1:1 is a pure hybrid with 7% THC content and 8% CBD. The strain’s 50:50 Indica to Sativa ratio is obtained from multiple crosses of different continents, from different generations of Cheese strains, and CBD-rich cannabis. The result is a medically effective strain that can cure various ailments in the body. 

Also, its distinctive aroma and flavor profile are famous to both recreational and medical marijuana users. Its process of growing is ideal for average and more seasoned growers. This sturdy auto version flourishes fast and produces gigantic yields of sticky sweet buds.

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Auto CBD Girl Scout Cookies (1:1) Marijuana Seeds Strain Specifications

Type: Hybrid, Autoflowering 

Genetics Parents: Central Asia, South-East Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, North American and Canadian, Girl Scout Cookies and Cookies crosses, medicinal strains (Cheese and a CBD-rich strain)

Flowering Period: 50-60 days indoor, 56-90 days outdoor

Climate: Temperate / Mediterranean Cool

Yield:   500G/m² indoor, 1000G/plant outdoor

Flavors: Cheese, Flowery

THC Level: 7%

CBD Level: 8%

Height: up to 2.50 meters

Harvest Period: Early to mid-October

Growing Difficulty: Average

What are the Flavor and Effects of Auto CBD Girl Scout Cookies (1:1) Marijuana Seeds?

Known for its remarkable and unique scents and flavor, Auto CBD Girl Scout Cookies 1:1 features distinct hints of cheese and flowers, thanks to its Cheese and CBD-rich genes. It delivers a skunky fragrance that you have come to expect from such a potent lineage.

It provides a long-lasting, moderately potent high and brings a significant boost of euphoria. This is also a great choice for a wide range of therapeutic purposes, especially for those who need to stimulate their appetite.

What are the Medical Benefits of Auto CBD Girl Scout Cookies (1:1) Marijuana Seeds?

This medicine-rich strain has what it takes to deal with countless illnesses. This includes different pains and inflammation, along with joint and muscle pains caused by fibromyalgia and arthritis. It also helps with insomnia, giving users deeper sleep. Also, it washes away stress, worries, and anxiety. It can also aid with severe conditions like seizures caused by epilepsy and reduces the severity of tremors due to Parkinson’s and MS.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Auto CBD Girl Scout Cookies (1:1) Marijuana Seeds

Auto CBD Girl Scout Cookies has a 1:1 Indica to Sativa ratio. This strain is very ideal for medical marijuana patients as it does not carry any negative effects. What you will experience in this strain is a constant rest for few hours.

How to Grow Auto CBD Girl Scout Cookies (1:1) Marijuana Seeds?

Auto CBD Girl Scout Cookies 1:1 is considered to be the perfect blend of Indica and Sativa. Its strength definitely comes from its hybrid Cheese lineage, whereas its resin and yield come from other CBD properties. This strain has a pretty tricky process of growing but contains a much shorter flowering time of 7 to 8 weeks only and grows around 2.50 meters in height. It makes a great strain for average growers and experienced medical cannabis breeders. Auto CBD Girl Scout Cookies Auto can thrive well in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Indoor growing is an option if one can maintain its temperature, humidity, and 12/12 light and dark schedule. Also, be mindful of the ventilation as it has to be well-controlled because this strain is not so forgiving if you make a mistake. The expected harvest is approximately 500 grams of gluey buds per square meter. Outdoors, this plant prefers sunny and temperate conditions. By early to mid-October, growers are ready to reap 1000 grams of sweet medicine per plant.

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  1. Mike

    Yo, if you’re on the hunt for some primo marijuana seeds to take your stash to the next level, you gotta check out these seeds, fam. They’re like the holy grail of ganja, guaranteed to get you sky-high in no time.

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