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Germinating Marijuana Seeds

Germinating Marijuana Seeds Step 1

STEP 1 – Immerse your seeds in room-temperature bottled spring water.

  • Set a timer and soak the seeds for 14 to 18 hours, but no longer, to prevent drowning them.
  • You can move on to the next step even if the seeds are still floating or intact after soaking. NOTE: This is important to remember.


Germinating Marijuana Seeds Step 2

STEP 2 – Put two thick paper towels on a ceramic dinner plate.

Germinating Marijuana Seeds Step 3

STEP 3 – Pour the water and seeds onto the paper towels, then fold them over the seeds.

  • Drain any excess water, and do not cover the plate with another plate or a zip-lock bag.
  • Oxygen, warmth, and moisture are needed for the seeds to thrive.


Germinating Marijuana Seeds Step 4

STEP 4 – Keep the paper towel damp regularly to maintain the necessary moisture levels. A warm, dark, and well-ventilated room with a temperature of 75 to 80 Fahrenheit is where you should place the plate. The seeds should not be soaked in water.

  • The seeds need access to oxygen for successful germination, so don’t place them in small, enclosed areas like cupboards or drawers that can impede their sprouting.


Germinating Marijuana Seeds Step 5

STEP 5 – Transplant the seeds into regular soil when they have cracked open and grown a taproot of 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch.

*It may take 2 to 7 days for each strain to crack open.*

Put the seeds in a glass jar with a tight lid and store it in a dark and cool place, like a garage or basement, for optimal storage up to two years. The seeds should be kept at 41 to 45 Fahrenheit.


When the taproot of your seedling reaches 1/2 inch (2 cm), you can transfer it to a different growing medium like soil. Avoid adding any nutrients or fertilizers to the soil for the first three weeks because the seedlings are very fragile and easily affected at this stage.

Make a small hole in the soil with your finger and place the seedling inside with the taproot facing down. Cover it with soil and expose it to a light source, either natural or artificial. Moisten the soil gently and let the seedling grow on its own.

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