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Marijuana Seeds from Canada

Marijuana use is illegal, with the exception of medial usage in some instances in the country of Canada. The Opium and Drug Act of 1923 in Canada made marijuana illegal and since 1997 it has been included in the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. During 2002 the House of Commons Special Committee investigated the non-medical use of marijuana and issued a report that stated it was unhealthy, but the current laws for possession or cultivation of small amounts was overly harsh. Their idea would be that the person in possession of 15 grams or less would be ticketed and personal cultivation of up to seven plants would be a summary offense. Then in 2007 Prime Minister Harper declared new a National Anti-Drug Strategy. This proposed bill would have anyone dealing marijuana serve a year in jail, unless there was violence involved or if they sold marijuana to minors, in which case it would be a mandatory jail sentence. There are penalties in place that have maximum penalties for growing or producing cannabis between 7 and 14 years.

There is currently and has been challenged to legalize marijuana in Canada and the laws have been disputed in both the appellate courts and Superior courts. The most recent Angus Reid poll that was conducted in 2009 showed that 53 percent of the people polled were in favor of the legalization of marijuana. One thing that has changed over the recent years is the Health Canada that allows the use of marijuana for approved patients with debilitating conditions or for end of life care. The Stephen Harper bill that was voted down in 2009 that would ease the punishment for marijuana possession and growing the plants, but was reintroduced in March of 2011 and again was not passed, which proves the attempt to ease the regulations on marijuana is not going away.

Buy Marijuana Seeds Online and Have them Shipped to Canada

Our Company – Mary Jane’s Garden, which is located in Amsterdam of the Netherlands, ships marijuana seeds to Canada legally. Marijuana use in Canada is illegal but it can be used for medical purposes. If you want to grow your own marijuana plant which can give you a high yield of harvest with high THC content, then buy our cannabis seeds for sale and have them shipped right to your mailbox. You can order our high quality marijuana seeds by using our website. We can assure to ship your marijuana seeds order right after you confirm your purchase. It isn’t illegal to order cannabis seeds online because they will arrive right to your mailbox via mail order in a well-packed bubble envelope. To make sure of a discrete transaction, we don’t accept paypal. It is also not safe to order your pot seed items from craigslist, eBay, or to any public online store that’s why we have created this website to make sure that we can give you a convenient marijuana seeds shopping experience.

We also use a secure private credit card payment system which works to any customer from around the world including Canada. You also have an option to pay with cash when you place your order of our marijuana seeds. Buying marijuana seeds from Canada isn’t a headache anymore. If you need Bongs, Pipes, Vaporizers in Canada or any other marijuana items and equipments which you can order with shipment to Canada, then browse our wide selection of marijuana items in our head shop.

How to Grow Cannabis in Canada

If you are a first time marijuana plant grower in Canada or a Canadian seasoned pot grower who needs a refresher’s guide to growing marijuana in Canada, then you might be interested of purchasing a marijuana grow guide. Yes, there are a lot of growing marijuana guides which you can find on the internet but we have an organized guide which can teach you the art of growing marijuana plants from germination to harvest. What you need to do is to follow the link to the eBook and download it to your computer to get the step by step guide to growing marijuana. You can also get a lot of techniques on how to make hash, cookies, and other marijuana items by just looking at the guides that come with the“Growing Elite Marijuana” eBook that we offer.

Growing Marijuana in Canada: Is it Legal?

The legality of Cannabis growing in Canada is still under dispute. Currently, the cultivation of marijuana in Canada is illegal but it can be used for medical purposes. A lot of people are challenging the authorities and the law on marijuana in Canada. Majority of the people in Canada are appealing to legalize marijuana. If you are an approved patient who can use marijuana in Canada, then you are safe from the law that makes marijuana illegal in Canada. For now, it is safe for any grower or smoker to maintain as discrete as possible. There is nothing to worry nowadays because there a lot of marijuana breeders which breeds indoor marijuana plants which can be grown discretely in Canada. Outdoor marijuana strains can even become hidden. There are a lot of marijuana growing techniques to become stealthy.

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