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Best Marijuana Strains – Buy Cheap Weed Strains

For those who like an occasional joint of weed & would like to have some on hand here’s how it’s done. You will find the best selection of marijuana strains for sale from our seedbank. The best bud seeds are not always cheap as the higher the price then usually the larger yield and THC. Germinate some good quality seeds on a moist sponge for about 24 hrs & plant the sprouts in a small well drained pot that is filled with soil. The soil should be some parts of sand & pearlite with a ph balance in between 6.5-7.5. The soil should also contain humus which retains moisture & nutrients. The cannabis plants do not require sunlight & can be kept under a fluorescent light which should be about 2 inches over the plant.[ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ 10 ]  [ 11 ]  [ 12 ]


White Widow Feminized
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Yoruba Nigeria
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Cheap Marijuana Strains – Cheap Seed Strains

What are some of the best marijuana strains that we have for sale cheap?

There are many online sites offering some of the best strains of the cannabis plant at cheap rates. Some of the more popular inexpensive varieties of the weed available online are White Widow, Northern Lights, Master Kush, Big Bud, Bubblegum, Skunk & Blueberry seeds & winners of the Cannabis Cup & High Times cup winners are also available. These are shipped in crush proof envelopes & are tested for high germination rates with high female ratios. These strains are all available at cheap prices & in value packs from suppliers all over the world who sometimes offer some free samples of strains too. They are available in outdoor, indoor & in mixed packs in varying qualities. The packaging is also discreet & low profile with a disguised delivery. Always buy from a recommended source to avoid buying bad strains that produce low quality marijuana.

What kind of materials and tools will you need to grow your weed after you select your strain?

Growing marijuana correctly is the first step to obtain the best yield. Firstly the container can be a garden pot in clay, plastic or metal with a sufficient drainage point. It should be large enough to let the roots grow comfortably without drowning or suffocating the plant. Fill it with good quality fertilized soil that has a layer of gravel at the bottom. A nitro fertilizer & organic pesticides must be used. Since the marijuana is grown indoors you will need good quality fluorescent lighting during the initial phase & MS or HPA in the budding phase. A timer unit for lights is also essential as the lighting will have to be monitored during the flowering stage. An exhaust system for odor elimination is definitely required as marijuana in its flowering stage tends to smell foul. A magnifying glass is helpful to determine & separate the male & female plants.

Should I buy feminized pot strains or regular cannabis seeds?

A certain amount of investment in terms of time & money is required in order to grow & maintain good quality Cannabis with a high THC level. Some of the materials & tools that are required are on the expensive side but well worth the effort. This investment will provide a steady supply of good quality usable cannabis reducing the harm caused by the sub standard variety. Again if you can afford the better quality strain always go for the feminized pot strain instead of regular cannabis seeds. Male & female identification is a painstaking process & is done by checking the pistons that are between the stalk & the branch. You can create feminized strain yourself but it takes many harvests to fine tune this and when the strain & seeds are available feminized it makes the job of growing cannabis so much easier.


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