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Skunk#1 Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Skunk#1 Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with heavy yields and moderate THC. This is a pure indica capable of producing high yields at the earliest time. It is a calming, creative, focused, euphoric, and happy strain with citrus, pungent, skunk, and sweet flavors. It is not a beginner strain but can grow in temperate to sunny climates.

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Skunk #1 (fem): The Flexible and Robust Strain

Skunk #1 is undoubtedly one of the icons in the cannabis industry. Throughout the years, it managed to establish the standards of how an all-rounder cannabis strain should be. A lot of hybrids were formulated through this strain.

The result of blending an Indica strain and two variants of Sativa, Skunk #1, carries a conquering ancestry. The famous Afghani brings its soothing effect. Furthermore, its head-high manifestation influenced by Colombian Gold and Acapulco Gold is also remarkable. A pure delight when smoking, the valuable ancestry of Skunk #1, is discernible in every single puff.

With a ratio of 35 to 65 of Sativa to Indica, the Skunk #1 will be perfect for night-time consumption. It alleviates stress and puts smokers in a calm state. Although it is composed of potent Indica, it manages to provide smokers a happy and bright perspective.


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