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Indica Seeds

Here in Mary Jane’s Garden, we offer you legal transactions if you want to buy marijuana seeds from us. We have a variety of pot seeds available in our online catalogue. If you want cannabis indica seeds or cannabis sativa seeds, we can ship them to you in a safe and private way even if you are in the U.S.A, Canada, Europe or any part of the world. We have the top 10 choices of growers like Northern Light, Afghan, White Widow, Big Bud, Haze, Cheese and many more.

Order Indica Marijuana Seeds

You can buy cannabis indica seeds from our online seed bank and grow it in the comfort of your home or in your back yard if you live in a country with a cold climate. Enjoy an Indica body buzz by smoking weed that you can harvest from your very own weed plant. Cannabis Indica marijuana are known to produce weed with high THC levels of around 15% – 20%. Marijuana plants of this strain are also known for yielding up to 700 grams of highly potent weed every end of September.

What are the uses of weed harvested from marijuana plants grown from cannabis indica seeds?

The buds from cannabis indica seeds can be used for medicinal and recreational purposes. The indica high; or most commonly known as “body buzz”; is very beneficial for pain relief as well as a means to cure insomnia. The indica high is known not to leave the smoker “stoned” or spaced out but just high enough to be able to relax and not have space to analyze the feeling. This can also be used for recreational ganja smoking as the body buzz helps relax the mind and body. Some plants of this pot strain produce weed that have a fruity citrus flavor; while others have a more pungent hashish smell.

How difficult is it to grow cannabis indica seeds?

The difficulty level of growing cannabis indica seeds can vary from easy to moderate. This marijuana seeds strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors as long as the climate is cool. Indica seeds can be cultivated indoors in soil under strong LED or fluorescent lights or by means of hydroponics. Cannabis indica seeds are known to be very resistant to pests and molds which make it easy to grow because it does not require too much attention. The height of cannabis plants grown from this marijuana seeds strain only reaches a maximum of 6 feet.

What is the expected weed yield when you grow cannabis indica seeds?

One of the highest yielding marijuana plants is the Azura cannabis plant which can yield 700 grams per square meter of highly potent weed and is a cannabis indica marijuana strain. Other plants grown from cannabis indica seeds can yield 450 grams per square meter of weed. The leaves of cannabis indica plants are broad even thought the plant itself doesn’t not grow tall. The flower buds of this marijuana strain are packed with resinous crystals that are responsible for the high THC levels (15% to 20%) of this pot variant.

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