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Green Crack Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Sativa-dominant Green Crack Strain is a feminized cannabis variety developed with cannabis lovers in mind. One of the most well-liked cannabis varieties available. Its consistently strong head high is what gave it its well-deserved reputation. You may even appreciate the head rush because this happy high is coupled with cozy relaxation. Users experience energizing boosts in energy, inspiration, and creativity rather than couch locks and munchies. When you purchase Green Crack cannabis seeds from Mary Jane’s Garden, we promise to deliver you the best cannabis seeds available on the market. Our business is dedicated to offering you premium cannabis seeds with a high rate of germination. We deliver your Green Crack seeds invisibly and safely to your front door.

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What is Green Crack Strain?

When Sweet Leaf Indica and Skunk #1 were combined, the Green Crack Strain Feminized Marijuana was created. With a blend of 40% Indica and 60% Sativa, the Green Crack Feminized Marijuana strain provides a powerful body high similar to other Indica dominating strains. The THC percentage of the Green Crack Feminized Marijuana Strain, which can reach 21.40%, is extraordinarily high, whereas the CBD content is only 0.45%. The Green Crack Feminized marijuana strain’s makeup benefits both medicinal and recreational consumers. When grown, the strain is simple to manage. Therefore novice growers who are up for the task can create this strain. Whether cultivated indoors or in a grow tent, this strain takes 9–10 weeks to finish flowering; however, the harvest season lasts from late September to early October when grown outdoors. An average yield of between 300 and 600 grams is available to growers.


The scent of Green Crack welcomes you with a blend of zesty, fruity notes that are well-balanced with woodsy, earthy, and upbeat overtones.


It has a flavor that will take you to the moment you bite into a juicy, mature mango, with certain genotypes showing a better fruit or citrus flavor than others. When the initial puff has passed, you may expect a sour aftertaste that will leave your palate satisfied but wanting more.


Light green pistils and buds with a light green tint can be seen. The flowers are covered in a dense layer of trichomes during the late blossoming stage.

Strain Profile

Strain Parents: Sweet Leaf Indica x Skunk #1
Strain Dominant: 40% Indica / 60% Sativa
CBD Content: 0.45%
THC Content: 21.40%
Flowering Time: 9 – 10 weeks

Green Crack Strain Growing Information

It’s an excellent strain for novices because Green Crack Strain Feminized is a relatively simple strain to grow. Both indoor and outdoor growth is possible, but outdoor growth requires a steady supply of sunlight and temperatures between 72 and 80 °F. It can be raised more easily indoors where the environment can be controlled. Plants can reach heights of three to four feet with dense lateral branching. To promote light to get the lower stalks and produce as many buds as possible, producers should perform “topping,” which means cutting back the plant’s enormous leaves and branches. Growers should better cure the harvested buds to preserve the flavor and potency of Green Crack. This includes drying each bud upside down for a week in a room with 50% humidity and a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and storing the dried buds in large jars in the same 70 ° F environment.

Green Crack Strain Medical Benefits

Due to its relaxing effects without producing drowsiness or lethargy, Green Crack Strain is a favorite among people using it for therapeutic purposes. Moreover, it is used to treat extreme sadness and stress. This is because of its joy-inducing characteristics, which encourage emotions of pleasure and self-assurance. Several consumers claim that Green Crack provides comfortable relief from pain and daily pressure rather than the customary crash associated with other well-known strains. Those with arthritis, persistent physical pain, and muscular discomfort are also familiar with it.

Final Thoughts

One of the most well-known Indica strains out there, Green Crack Strain is known for its potent head-high. One of its most notable characteristics is the euphoric and happy high it produces along with a sense of peace and warmth. For individuals who wish to be inspired and creative, Green Crack is a great option. The Green Crack Feminized marijuana seeds are available at Mary Jane’s Garden for the lowest possible price, and you can get them online. Large discounts will apply to bulk purchases. We can guarantee that you will receive seeds of the highest caliber and consistency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this strain strong?
The high THC level of Green Crack contributes to its powerful nature. Test results for Green Crack frequently show THC levels above 20%. It is firmly established in the elite group of high-THC strains as a result.

How does Green Crack strain make you feel?
Just taking Green Crack in the morning is advised because of how well it works at boosting your energy levels. Drinking in the late afternoon can keep you up long past your bedtime. The main benefits of green crack are that they lessen stress, depression, and weariness.

Is Green Crack Feminized Strain Psychedelic?
No, the cannabis variety Green Crack is not psychedelic. It is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that energizes and uplifts users and gives them a cerebral high. The effects are less concerned with causing hallucinations or other psychedelic experiences and more concerned with boosting energy and mental clarity.

2 reviews for Green Crack Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Calvin

    This is the greatest strain I’ve ever grown myself. I purchased it from a top-notch cannabis shop with great quality and service. It’s a delicious strain, full of refreshing citrus flavor with a hint of sweet melon. The buds are dense and green with orange and brown hairs. It hits smoothly and you can feel its relaxing effects right away. It has a perfect balance of happiness and uplifting feelings. It makes me feel happy and peaceful. I’m definitely growing it again.

  2. Sonia J Batton

    This strain is one of my favorites and I adore it. Excellent-looking buds that are simple to manage. I haven’t experienced any germination problems. I have never encountered a problem with Mary Jane’s Garden’s service. I often receive my item within a week of when they indicate it has shipped.

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