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CBD Jack Herer Strain Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds


CBD Jack Herer Strain has been used as a medical marijuana by its breeders, and it has become a good alternative to chemical treatments. Because the herb has the right amount of both THC and CBD, it is used to treat a wide range of medical problems. The amazing genetics of this strain have also given it great smells and tastes and a strong high that affects both the mind and the body. It’s no surprise that Auto CBD Jack Herer (1:1) is a very popular cannabis strain among both breeders and users. Buy your Autoflowering CBD Jack Herer marijuana seeds from the Mary Jane’s Garden seed bank today and get them quickly and in private.

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What is CBD Jack Herer Strain?

CBD Jack Herer Strain autoflowering seeds are a great way to honor the man for whom they are named. This energizing strain gives you the energy to follow in the footsteps of the loud cannabis activist. Even if it isn’t, the fact that A-list ganja is grown is a tribute to the legend. Jack Herer was an American who spoke out about the benefits of marijuana. He made people realize that Mary Jane has a lot of uses. He is in the Counterculture Hall of Fame now. In the 1990s, this Dutch seed bank was the first to breed these marijuana seeds. It is the ancestor of many new, modern strains, and it is a good smoke on its own. This strain is a cross between Northern Lights #5, Shiva Skunk, and Haze. The result is a classic weed strain that opens the mind and relaxes the body, stretching and dripping resin. Jack Herer is proud to have won first place in the High Times Cannabis Cup nine times. Up to 20% THC gives its buds a moderate amount of power. They make the person high feel happy and calm, but also clear-headed and alert. This type is 55% sativa and grows like one. The yields are high, but not everyone has enough room to use it to its fullest potential. Our autoflowering Jack Herer seeds are here to help. This cultivar is in our group of autoflowering seeds. After being crossed with ruderalis, these plants are smaller and stronger than they were before. They don’t rely on light schedules, and they bloom before people get impatient.


The strain gives off strong notes of pine, citrus, and pepper, along with light floral notes that last for a long time.


It tastes like deep sage, sour citrus, and a little bit of earthiness that gets stronger as the smoke gets stronger.


CBD Jack Herer Seeds grow into plants, with so much resin that even the branches have crystals on them. The bud was full of crystals and resin, and the high came on quickly and in the head.

Strain Profile

Strain Parents: Jack Herer x Ruderalis
Strain Dominant: 45% Indica / 55% Sativa
CBD Content: 0.5%
THC Content: 20%
Flowering Time: 8 – 10 weeks

CBD Jack Herer Strain Growing Information

Auto CBD Jack Herer Strain seeds are great for people who have never grown weeds before. It rarely grows taller than three feet, even when there is plenty of room, and it is resistant to pests and diseases. This makes it easy to grow and avoids common problems. This small cannabis plant does well both inside and outside. You won’t need much time or space either way. It will be ready to harvest in 70 days. If you are growing indoors, keep the temperature and humidity high to create an environment that is good for sativa. Anything between 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal. In the best conditions, each plant can give you up to 14 ounces. The harvest is as good as it can be with the SOG setup and hydroponics. With this small herb, both are easy to set up. If you want to grow your Jack Herer auto seeds outside, you can sow them as soon as the last frost is over. You could get it by the end of May.

CBD Jack Herer Strain Medical Benefits

The CBD Jack Herer Strain really shines in the medical field because of how well it heals. Because it has the same amount of CBD and THC, it helps people with both physical and mental problems. The strain helps treat migraines, chronic pain, PMS, and arthritis by reducing pain and inflammation by a lot. It can also help people with epilepsy deal with their seizures. Because it makes you feel good and happy, it can help a lot with depression, anxiety, and stress. People with eating disorders can get their appetite back because this weed can make you want to eat.

Final Thoughts

CBD Jack Herer is known for its psychedelic, happy, and energetic high that lasts for a long time. The indica levels help you feel grounded, calm, and free of anxiety. The high comes on quickly and gives you a lot of creative energy while making you feel good. Through Mary Jane’s Garden, it’s easy to get these monster shells, and if you buy CBD Jack Herer Strain Autoflowering Seeds online, everyone will get the most out of them. Our online security keeps you and your information safe, and we promise that no one else will know you’ve been here. Call or click today to find out what makes CBD Jack Herer Strain the award-winning creation that people all over the world love. You can dig into this hulk or buy it in bulk.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBD Jack Herer strain good for?

One thing that makes Jack Herer stand out as a hybrid strain is that it gives you a boost of energy. And this is because the strain is mostly sativa.

Does this strain good for relaxing?

Jack Herer is a hybrid strain that is mostly Sativa. It smells and tastes good, with hints of orange and lemon and pine. This strain has both mental and physical effects that work well together to help you relax deeply.

How much CBD is Jack Herer?

The amount of THC and CBD in CBD Jack Herer is 7%. Because of Jack Herer’s genes, the high is energizing and not too strong, but you can tell you’re high. Because it has a lot of CBD, it can help with pain and cramps.


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