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Jack Herer Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds


The Jack Herer Autoflower Marijuana Strain comes from Northern Lights #5, Shiva Skunk, and Haze. The Jack Herer Autoflower marijuana strain has a very high THC level ranging at 16.25% with a 0.14% CBD level. The Jack Herer is a 70% Sativa, 20% Indica, 10% Ruderalis. The Jack Herer Autoflower marijuana strain is easy to cultivate indoors or outdoors. This strain can be very tall, so trimming and pruning are essential. When grown indoors, the flowering period is only nine weeks, when in an outdoor setting, the harvest is from late September to early October.  The strain can yield 150 grams to 250 grams.

Flavors such as pine, sweet, citrus, herbal, and earthy coupled with pepper, orange juice, and lemon aromas make the mouth water within the first whiff. Recreational and medicinal users enjoy this strain because it provides a sativa high that makes them creative and innovative and helps them cope with their anxiety or mood disorder

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Jack Herer Autoflower Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: 70% Sativa 20% Indica 10% Ruderalis, Autoflower

Genetics Parents: Northern Lights #5 x Shiva Skunk x Haze

Flowering Period: 9 Weeks

Climate: Dry, Mediterranean

Yield: 150g to 250g

Flavors: Pine, Sweet, Citrus, Herbal, Earthy

THC Level: 16.25%

CBD Level: 0.14%

Height: 2 Meters

Harvest Period: Late September to Early October

Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Jack Herer Autoflower Marijuana Strain?

The fragrance of Jack Herer recalls pine and spice, producing an inviting charm for everyone. Its scent also includes a touch like orange juice and citrus to crack the ground. Some claim that Jack Herer will leave a wonderful cake-like whiff inside the room, mixed with some pepper. Jack Herer also has a pine-like earthy flavor when smoked, almost like what it smells. Many people say Jack Herer tastes like a sweet fruit salad with a sharp, spicy sauce. 

Jack Herer produces a very vibrant and happy high thanks to its high sativa content. It’s famous because it’s uplifting without being overwhelming, and you can quickly feel focused and comfortable after only a few puffs. Rather than being a downer, it provides an energizing buzz that is sure to have you in the mood to have an excellent time. Jack Herer is known for its intellectual high, accompanied by a mellow, gentle body high that lacks a firm couch-lock. When consuming it, a feeling of euphoria can be detected, and it is strongly advisable as the best introduction to a creatively relaxing and friendly night out.

What are the Medical Benefits of Jack Herer Autoflower Marijuana Strain?

Individuals suffering from anxiety and depression, including those suffering from chronic fatigue, PTSD, or ADHD, have been known to benefit significantly from this strain. Jack Herer tends to refocus and awareness while still stimulating the stomach, increasing appetite (without letting you overeat), and numbing any underlying discomfort you may be experiencing. 

However, if you intend to consume Jack Herer weed to cope with chronic pain, fatigue, lack of appetite, or migraines, it is safer to take a huge dose of strain right away. Alternative types of marijuana, including concentrates, edibles, chocolate, and live resin, usually are the safest way to do so if you try to take as little of the dosage as possible.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Jack Herer Autoflower Marijuana Strain 

As is familiar with heavier strains, the dry mouth, always followed by dry eyes and slight dehydration discomfort, is one of Jack Herer’s side effects. It may also generally induce moderate anxiety and paranoia in some unusual cases. Anyone who does not use to the intensity and force of this strain may notice a dizzy feeling.

How to Grow Jack Herer Autoflower Marijuana Strain 

Jack Herer strain is known as a moderately easy plant to cultivate, even for beginners. However, no matter how and where you plant these seeds, make sure they have enough space since this strain will rise over two meters in length. In comparison, Jack Herer provides good disease tolerance, powdery mildew, molds, rodents, bugs, and more, keeping the strain comparatively low overall – or at least as similar to “low maintenance.” Jack Herer can be grown indoors and outdoors, but outdoor cultivation requires an ideal environment, typically dry, sunny, balmy, warm weather.

When grown indoors, hydroponics or soil methods are the best options to grow this strain. Pruning the lower leaves and branches of the plant will allow the light and air to reach its core. When in an outdoor setting, the strain must be grown after the frost. Canopies or sheds will protect the strain from any weather condition. Since this strain can grow up to 2 meters trimming, it is essential to limit its height and boost production.


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