Bruce Banner Regular Marijuana Seeds

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Bruce Banner Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with high THC at 23 percent which makes it creative, energetic, euphoric, and relaxing. This strain comes with berry, citrus, diesel, and flowery flavors that make this strain one of a kind. It is also a tough medicinal strain that can deal with anxiety, migraines, depression, and stress.

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More About Bruce Banner Regular

Bruce Banner Regular is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain. This is a regular strain that was created out of the union of a classic OG Kush and a strong Strawberry Diesel. The plants will flower 60 to 65 days after germination day.

A Bruce Banner Regular has 20 to 22 percent THC and very low CBD. This is why it’s favored by recreational and medicinal growers everywhere. It will grow indoors or outdoors and may also be cultivated in a greenhouse.

When the buds are ripe, you will smell a sweet, earthy, and diesel flavor and aroma; sometimes, these smells will linger inside your growing area, creating a very powerful odor.

When your plants are near harvest time, these will be tall and stately. When you grow this indoors, you’ll get moderate yields as long as you follow their growing needs to the T. Outdoors, you’ll get high yields. This prefers a warm and sunny environment to thrive.

1 review for Bruce Banner Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. MieshaDantin

    My bruce banner has a high THC, and it gives me a strong punch of the hybrid! After smoking it off, I can feel a feeling of euphoria that also gives me a body high that also immediately removes my back pain and arthritis. Smoking can also alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety. It is very beneficial to my mom, who suffers from ADHD and anxiety attacks. Glad I discovered this miracle weed! It took a lot of effort and patience for me to come up with a massive yield that has a purplish hue and vibrant green buds with rust-colored hairs that appear very elegant to smoke!

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