Bruce Banner Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


Bruce Banner Marijuana Seeds is an easy to grow indica-dominant cannabis strain with very high THC which is why this strain has very creative, energetic, focused, and relaxing effects. It is a very easy strain to grow as long as you maintain a temperate to a sunny growing environment or climate.

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5 Seeds $65.00
10 Seeds $120.00
25 Seeds $240.00

More About Bruce Banner Autoflower 

The Right Fuel For Your Mind

Bruce Banner Autoflower tokers are strongly advised to take this weed with caution. Not only does this Indica dominant strain one of the most powerful marijuana strains on the planet, but it can be overwhelming as well. With over 28% THC volume, this sweet earthy weed can induce an uplifting high when taken in moderation but can be devastatingly formidable once taken in higher doses. Thoughts immediately pop out of your mind, and laughter is bound to happen. The more you toke, the happier you feel.

The cerebral effects of this strain can help suppress any negative thoughts and induce a more positive mindset to its users. It also fuels the user with enough energy to combat fatigue. The high levels of THC provide a blanket of numbness to those who have been living with chronic pain.

The Ruderalis roots play a huge role in the cultivation process of this strain. The short structure of this plant makes it a great weed to grow outdoors and in batches where it can survive throughout October.


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