Big Bud Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Big Bud Marijuana Seeds is a mostly –indica dominant cannabis strain that’s euphoric, relaxing, and happy. It is an earthy, pepper, grape, and spicy-flavored strain that you can use to relieve conditions like anxiety, depression, pain, stress, and insomnia. It is not a beginner strain but will grow in temperate and sunny environments.

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More About Big Bud

Assures a Great Yields of a Top Indica High

Big Bud is the result after crossing the three legendary strains, namely Northern Lights, Afghan, and Skunk#1. Having a 15 to 20% THC content, it makes a body high without giving a couch-lock experience. Its genotype parents passed all their spectacular features such as having a great yield, impressive effect with a good blend of its flavor and aroma. Each toke may deliver a pleasing herbal with earthy and spicy notes that stick in your buds while giving a calming body high.

When it comes to growing this strain, Big Buds are worth growing in your garden. This strain is easy to grow, and even novice growers must try to cultivate it as it guarantees a huge amount of yield. It thrives well in either indoor and outdoor settings, and it usually has a shorter flowering period, unlike most strains. Like its namesake, Big Bud assures to produce an abundant yield. Once it fully blooms, its trichomes robe its large-sized buds as it’s inviting to witness to light it up.

Big Bud has a strong branch but still may break because of its heavy large colas. So growers may place some support to make sure that the strain is continuing to prosper. Growing indoors, you may use the Sea of Green setup combined with a hydroponic medium. If all goes well, after 7 to 9 weeks of its flowering period, expect to harvest as much as 600 grams each square meter.

Otherwise, outdoors let the plant bask under sun exposure. This plant can reach a height of 150 cm tall. When the harvest period comes by the mid-month of October, expect to harvest as much as 700 grams of beautiful buds per plant.


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