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What is Dabbing: Cannabis Basics 101

When you are smoking cannabis, there comes a time in your marijuana journey that you will be looking for ways on how to enjoy cannabis in some sort of way. Eventually, you’ll come across with dabs. What is dabbing? And how does it do? To put it simpler, dabs or dabbing is a popular way to enjoy cannabis.

There are numerous ways on how to enjoy cannabis, through smoking, edibles, tinctures, and dabs. In this article, we’ll discuss thoroughly what is dabbing and why it became so popular.

What is Dabbing?

To understand what dabbing is, you should first know what dabs are. Dabs is a slang term used for cannabis concentrates. The name comes from how they are used, by simply putting little amount or to dab, hence the name dab. Cannabis concentrates are used way back in the days, they are concentrated forms of cannabis that are turned into oil in their final form. These cannabis concentrates contain some of the hardest-hitting high as it usually has 80% to 90% THC content. By this, dabbing is a form of enjoying potent marijuana highs.

In simpler terms, dabbing is the act of vaporizing cannabis concentrates through a dab rig or vaporizers. The only drawback about dabbing is you need the necessary equipment to dab, or else you aren’t getting the best out of it. Aside from a dab rig, there are a few known ways on how to dab, from a bong, wax pens, and many more.

 Is Dabbing Dangerous?

The only part where dabbing is dangerous is the part where you make it. When making cannabis concentrates, it involves inflammable materials. Cannabis concentrates need an extraction solvent to get all the chemical compounds present in a cannabis plant. If you are making cannabis concentrates in a poorly ventilated area, and associate it with a flammable solvent, an explosion is bound to happen

However, that’s the only part where dabbing is dangerous. From a consumer standpoint, dabbing is pretty safe as long as you follow the necessary guidelines on how to dab. Take note that you are dealing with a high concentration of THC, leaving you couch-locked in a matter of seconds if you aren’t aware.

Can you Overdose on Dabs?

One factor people should consider regardless if you are just a beginner or a veteran is the amount of THC content these concentrates have. Cannabis extracts contain around 60% to 90% of THC, which means that you don’t need much to get very high. Exceed that limits and you are sure to experience the unpleasant and uncomfortable sensation. That’s why for beginners, it is important to start slow and small. Once you get the hang of it, add the appropriate amount.

Lastly, another thing to consider is its long-term effects, the effects of dabbing aren’t well-researched. As long as there are no scientific breakthroughs with regards to the long term-effects of dabbing, t’s not likely to describe any risks related to extended use.

Benefits of Dabbing

When done safely with tried and tested products, patients and other consumers may find several advantages when it comes to smoking dabs. Patients who are dealing with chronic pains or extreme nausea felt that dabbing cannabis concentrates are one of the best ways to get instant and effective relief. However, it may be hard to find a doctor that will recommend dabbing in the first place.

Cannabis extracts that are properly made can offer users with a clean and pure product, having these features makes it easier for our lungs to absorb these vapors. Remember the when smoking cannabis, burned leaves often exude resin and hot smoke, but cannabis extracts eliminate these unwanted materials that are harsh to the lungs, while still delivering potent and essential cannabinoids throughout the body.

Why do People Dab?

At the end of the day, it is a basic question to ask each one of us, why we decide to use it. The answer would vary from user to user, however – there are particular reasons why and that is for the CBD and THC. Cannabis concentrates can be made in two forms, CBD concentrates, and THC concentrates. Regardless of which you choose, you are bound to enjoy their benefits, from potent high to addressing different kinds of conditions.

Also, it is widely known that cannabis concentrates gives a faster and intense impact on the users compared to traditional smoking. The intensity is achieved through the extraction. However, the impact solely depends on the users on how they want to experience a different kind of high. If they don’t have the tolerance for it, then the best thing would be opting for the traditional one which is smoking.

Side effects of Dabbing Cannabis Concentrates

Similar to other ways to consume cannabis, it also has its disadvantages and side effects. In reality, dabbing poses a threat to users if done incorrectly. Not only if done incorrectly, but also manufactured improperly.

To start with, when making cannabis concentrates at home because there is no way for a normal individual to have all the necessary tools to measure and determine the quality and purity of the extracted resin. The resin produced may still have those harmful solvents from the procedure and may cause adverse effects in the process.

However, this is highly preventable. This issue can be addressed through a lab testing procedure to quantify the potency of the dab. Also, you should use high-quality solvents that are approved for mixing with the concentrates. Lastly, the user should have all the appropriate equipment needed to avoid any accidents from occurring. Not only do you need to know what is dabbing but also its side effects if you plan on dabbing in the future as well.

Wrapping things up

You should know by now what is dabbing all about. Dabbing is a new way of enjoying your favorite cannabis combined with a staggering amount of THC. Always remember that if you plan on dabbing, there are certain precautionary measures done to avoid getting an unpleasant and uncomfortable sensation.

Lastly, making your cannabis concentrate is a terrible decision to make. Leave them to the pros and just buy cannabis concentrates from your local dispensary. When dabbing, we highly recommend starting with small doses and just enjoy the night away. Happy dabbing!

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