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Safest Way to Smoke Weed: Find Out What Experts Say

If you are catching sight of the safest way to smoke weed, please remember that there’s no friendly manner to do it, even with the cleanest, most natural marijuana. Weed smoke contains similar toxins and cancerous substances of tobacco smoke that are dangerous to the health.

But, several methods are slightly less detrimental than others. Let’s review how different ways compare, as well as a few smoke-free methods to contemplate.

What is the Safest way to Smoke Weed?

Regulate your way of consuming cannabis. Among the significant advantages of cannabis is that there are numerous methods of using marijuana effectively. There are also specific products for those patients looking to treat by anyway. 

Vaping or not Vaping?

The risks of smoke inhalation are widely known, so it’s no surprise that many people think vaping is the wholesome substitute for smoking. But it’s not that easy.

There is increasing proof that vaping can cause chronic health effects. Most of the concerns originate from sniffing in vitamin e acetate, a chemical addition present in various vaping products containing THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.

As per the CDC or (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the compound has been associated with thousands of evidence of vaping or e-cigarette, death, and product use-associated lung injury (EVALI).

However, this danger only applies to vape concentrate and not a flower. A 2006 research recommends that vaping real cannabis and not concentrate is less dangerous to the respiratory system than smoking. Nevertheless, the study on vaping marijuana is quite limited. 

Besides lung health, there’s also potency. Users who vape marijuana report feeling the more potent effects than smoking, despite the THC amount in the product. Hence, this implies a higher possibility of greening out or overindulging, when vaping.

Are Bongs Filtering out the awful Stuff?

Maybe a little, but not enough to create a huge difference. Bongs deliver a gentler toke as don’t consume the dry heat from burning marijuana rolled in a paper. Although it feels less stringent when swallowing, your lungs don’t identify the distinction.

How about the Joints and Blunts?

Both joints and blunts involve inhaling the smoke. However, if you had to pick the lesser of two vileness, joints are the better choice. The reason that blunts are produced with hollowed cigars and that cigars and their wrappers are very poisonous.

Even excluding all the tobacco from the cigar, carcinogenic substances, including nitrosamine, can stay. Also, wrappers of cigars are more spongy than rolling papers, and smoking is less pleasing and complete. This leads to smoke with high concentrates of poisons.

Also, there’s the size. Blunts are more prominent than joints and can hold more pot. Smoking the whole blunt is like burning around six joints. 

Where is Dabbing here Categorized?

Dabbing is considered to deliver a “purest” high user, but what does it imply? Nothing much. 

Another term for marijuana concentrate or dabs is “budder,” which offers plenty of THC than other marijuana products, usually around 80% more.

Since this is pretty new, cannabis experts still can’t distinguish Dabbing full effect. 

There’s proof that risk to higher THC levels can lead to lasting mental health conditions, like psychosis. The dangers of overindulging and dependence are also more significant when consuming excessive THC products, mainly for young adults.

Also, except if you have high-end laboratory equipment and you are expert in removal, your dabs might be far from natural. Study shows that dabs can have pollutants and residual solutions that cause cardiotoxicity and neurotoxicity.

Dabbing also triggers respiratory effects, although you’re not precisely “smoking.” There have been instances of people having lung injury from dabbing.

Other things to consider:

Do you want to know the bad news? There is no safest way to smoke weed. But something amazing is there are many other ways to consume it.

The following are your main choices:


In contrast to vaping and smoking, consuming cannabis won’t damage your lung’s health. The disadvantage for some consumers is that edibles take more time to take effect because they have to clean your digestive system before entering the bloodstream. The advantage is that the high lingers around for a longer time. You have an endless assortment to check from, starting from gummies to baked treats to cannabutter.

Outset: 15 minutes to 2 hours, and it depends on the metabolism, and if or not, the consumer takes it with an empty belly.

Duration: About 4 to 6 hours, but can hang 24 hours depending on the consumer. 

For people who have sniffing problems, they can take cannabis by devouring foods infused with weed. Among the best benefits of taking capsules is that they have a pre-measured dosage.

The cannabis effects are slowed down because they depend on the absorption process before they penetrate your blood system. The absorption process changes the cannabinoids making the cannabis high very potent ones they are carried in the bloodstream. 

After taking an edible, which contains marijuana, THC is penetrated in the blood flow over the digestive tract and experienced a digestion pass in the liver before passing through the overall circulation. Because the digestion process happens slowly than it does over the lungs, the high experienced after taking the edibles are usually more progressive at the start but may hang a little longer, making them the perfect choice for patients with severe pain. 

Health marijuana is used for treating severe problems that can arise from an array of health problems. These can take longer to grow, persist for an extended period, and even lead to other problems.

Several examples of passing severe problems are:

  • Cancer
  • Chronic Pain
  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)


These are often taken together with edibles, but they are not similar. You don’t necessarily swallow sublingual types of marijuana, including films, tinctures, and dissolvable tablets, unlike edibles.

Sublingual marijuana is placed under the tongue to digest, and is taken in by the mouth’s mucus membranes; hence, the high kicks in faster.


These are from alcohol-derived marijuana extracts that are available in bottles with a dropper. You can put tinctures into your drinks, but to feel the effects faster, you put a few drops below your tongue, and it depends on your preferred dosage. 

Outset: About half an hour.

Duration: 4 to 6 hours


Marijuana topicals are for users who are searching for the medical benefits of marijuana with no mental high. Balms, creams, and patches are used in the skin to alleviate pain and inflammation. Also, there is a marijuana lubricant, especially for a sexy time with a partner. 


The concept of putting marijuana in your butt or vagina, depending on your product, may make you grip, but it is a thing. Most suppositories available on the market are CD-based and made for medical purposes, such as inflammation or nausea alleviation. Still, some labels have increased their THC level for added high.

Patches and Transdermals

Outset: Around 5 to 10 minutes

Duration: Persist about 8 to 12 hours

The more frequent use: Lasting measured dosage relief. They are often used by consumers who want to keep going to school or work while under treatment.

Patches are evenly dosed marijuana-based products that resemble nicotine patches. But they are more like a health product than a leisure product, that means they are safe, however also not as interesting. 

If you want to smoke, please remember this:

If you still prefer smoking your marijuana regardless of the dangers, keep in mind these risk-reduction tips to make it safer for you:

  • Don’t keep the inhale. Breathing in sharply and keeping it in risk your lungs to more dope per blow. Don’t be selfish; vaporizing quicker for your good.
  • Maintain your sanitized things. Keep your pipes and bongs clean, and avoid rolling your marijuana on filthy surfaces.
  • Use only rolling papers with validation from the FDA or Food and Drug Administration. These papers may look like NBD, but some have chemical substances and additives that can be dangerous. 
  • Stick with pipes and glass bongs. Plastic bongs have toxins like phthalates and BPA, associated with chronic health effects, such as cancer.
  • Don’t give out mouthpieces or give joints. Sharing your weed is okay, but not with your joints, bongs, or pipes. If you give these out, you are exchanging spit with that user and endangering yourself for diseases.

Think of Safety for You and your Community

Indicas cause fatigue-avoid driving or using heavy equipment when using your treatment.

Avoid using marijuana and go out to drive. Marijuana consumption can injure your motor capabilities. Look for a safe place to take your weed. Wait for around 1 to 2 hours before getting in the car. 

The Bottom Line

Regardless of how you mince it, there’s no safest way to smoke weed, whether you choose to roll it up or be biased to bongs. As marijuana becomes increasingly popular, so as products that make you enjoy it with no smoke.

If you are one-sided to smoking and passing, a vaporizer that makes you use flowers, not extracts, might be the less risky option.

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