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How to Smoke Weed: Complete Guide for Beginners

Smoking weed is becoming a trend. The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and there is no slowing down. There is a popular clamor among many individuals to use cannabis since its legalization to many states and countries. 

People smoke weed for many reasons. Some would use marijuana for recreational purposes, for relaxation, or enjoy the tranquility. Some smoke marijuana for inspiration, become creative, to be more sociable, to be energized, and to improve focus. 

Smoking weed is a fun experience only if you know what to do. It is important to know how to smoke weed for the best trip or smoking experience. If you are a beginner or a novice smoker, there are several things that you need to consider before you smoke weed. 

Smoking marijuana is not like regular smoking. To get the most of the high, you need to know to smoke weed properly. If it is your first time, it is best to know what to do so that you will have a pleasant first-time experience. The problem with some first time users why they get discouraged in smoking weed again is because they did not have a very good experience with their first time smoking. 

How to Smoke cannabis: A guide for beginners

So finally you have decided to smoke cannabis. You might have heard from your peers that it is fun and you also want to experience it. If it is your first time you have several expectations in your mind with your upcoming trip. You think about the high that you want to experience and picture what the trip is going to be like. If you do not want to get disappointed, it is better to read on this article for tips to get the most of your high if you are a beginner cannabis smoker.

1. Decide on which Strain you are going to Smoke

You have to be very aware that there three types of cannabis. Sativa, Indica, and hybrid. Sativa is known for its strong mental high while the Indica can give you a relaxing effect. Hybrids are a combination of the two. It is important to know which strain to smoke so you will know its effects as well as its potency. For beginners, it is best advised to choose strains that are not very strong so that you won’t get that overwhelming effects since it is your first time smoking cannabis. This the problem why some have had bad impressions with their first smoking experience because they selected a strain that is very potent thus the effects are overwhelming.

When you know with the strain that you will be smoking, you will be able to know not just the potency but also the flavor, aroma, and its effects. A little research would be very helpful.

2. Choose your Method of Smoking

The traditional way of smoking weed is wrapping it and make it into a blunt or a bong. The typical cigar but it is made of the weed. It doesn’t need any equipment and lets you smoke cannabis just like regular smoking. On the other hand, vaporizers have been very popular lately. You can see many people vaping cannabis especially on areas where the use of cannabis is legalized. The vape will also allow you to experience intense high because it is using cannabis concentrates. You may decide on smoking using the traditional method or vaporizers. It depends on your preference.

3. Set the perfect location or the Scene

This is very important if you are going to smoke alone. Make sure that you are in a safe and comfortable area. This is to avoid the feeling of paranoia just in case the effects kick in. It is important to feel comfortable if you want to enjoy the high that you will experience.

4. It is Best to know what to Expect

Know your strain and its characteristics and its effects. If you want a more psychedelic high, you may want to have a Sativa rich strain. If you want to experience relaxation and tranquility, then an Indica dominant strain would be the best choice for you. Do not worry because hundreds of strains to choose from and most of them can be bought online or in your local cannabis stores.

5. Be Familiar with the Law

This is very important because this might get you in trouble. If the use of cannabis is legal in your place then that is good. Be very familiar with the law in your area.

6. Stay Hydrated and Eat

One of the common side effects of cannabis is dryness of the mouth and eyes so it is best to keep your self hydrated. It can also stimulate the appetite so best to have some snacks nearby. 

7. Inhale

To get the most of the high, make sure to inhale. That is what cannabis smoking is all about. It’s all about inhaling the vapor to experience its effects. 

8. Choose the Perfect Time

Make sure that you have allotted the perfect time in smoking the weed. Time is very essential especially with the effects of the weed in your body. If you have selected a strain that will give you relaxing effects, then perhaps the best time to smoke is during late afternoons or in the evening. If the strain of your choice will make you creative and energized, then the best time will be in the morning.

9. Know the People you’re with

If you will be tripping with other people, avoid tripping with sketchy people. This basic and for your safety. If it is your friends or people that you are familiar with then it’s okay. Never trip with strangers.

10. Know your Limits

Know when to stop. It is your body and mind. If you feel that you are getting too much of it then stop. 

How to smoke weed is very important especially if you are a beginner. As the first impression lasts so it is very important to get the most of your cannabis smoking experience. This will determine if you will continue smoking or not. Consider the steps that we shared as they can be very helpful to you. Happy smoking!

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