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Weed Tolerance Break: The Pause All Stoners Need

Starting to consume marijuana is as difficult as knowing when to stop. Considering its ability to give you a good time, taking a weed tolerance break can be more challenging than you think. When is the right time to take a break? There is no such thing as the right time, but the fact that you have already thought of it wouldn’t be that bad if you consider it. If they are no longer working the way they used to be, it only means that you already have a high tolerance for marijuana. The situation will be problematic, knowing it will require you to consume more than the usual dose. 

In this article, we will be discussing all that needs to be covered. It is your right to know when you need to take a tolerance break, what are the signs that mean you need to stop consuming weed, how to begin a break from marijuana, and even tips on how to begin a weed tolerance break. As much as possible, the break would be gradual to prevent weed withdrawal accustomed to adverse effects from occurring. Need not worry because we will help you every step of the way. We will help you in taking the first step to weed tolerance break. 

When is the Right Time to Take a Tolerance Break? 

The right time is when the idea of taking a break crossed your might. This means the consumption of marijuana is increasing as compared to the first time you tried. You should not be surprised when you already thought of taking a pause. It is normal, especially to those who have been consuming weed for years. It’s doing what’s good for the mind and body. Besides, addiction is something more difficult to deal with rather than setting up preventive measures on how not to reach that level of marijuana dependency. 

List the reasons why and why not you should stop consuming marijuana. This will help in coming up with a decision, whether it is the right time or not. It would be best not to think about what other people would say but think about how it would benefit your health in the long run. Abstinence from consuming marijuana is and will only remain effective if there is a commitment. It can be quite difficult to gain motivation at first, but there should be a determination to take a weed tolerance break. Take it one step at a time. Allow yourself to adjust to living a life in the absence of marijuana. 

Why Is There a Need to Stop Consuming Weed? 

Why stop the best feeling marijuana can give? Smoking, vaping, or consuming marijuana in any form daily for months or even years will make you realize that you’re not getting high the way you used to on your first try. In some cases, it may be possible when consuming high doses. Yes, there may be advantages when getting high, but it doesn’t outweigh the physical and mental disadvantages that consumption is accustomed to. This is when you need to take a break from weed for a short while until your system has regained independence in terms of improved performance without marijuana. 

Regardless of whether it is recreational or medical utilization, most of those who consume are affected due to the downregulation of the person’s reception to THC. Due to heavy consumption, your body is trying to adjust to its THC consumption, explaining how high doses of marijuana remain normal, improving the functionality of your body. As you continue to increase your dose of marijuana, your body will just adapt and can lead to marijuana addiction. Considering the survival sense, the body tries to keep you safe after the consumption of THC. 

How About the Body’s Need for CBD? 

The cannabis community has found the rise of CBD as inevitable, explaining their consideration to weed tolerance break. The growing number of people who want to pause consumption means a lot of people are having a hard time doing so. An interesting fact about CBD and THC is how they have the same molecular structure. Their difference in arrangement is how it makes both have a different effect on the mind and body. 

Cannabidiol or CBD is proven to be a psychoactive compound, but it doesn’t provide the high tetrahydrocannabinol or THC provides. Consuming cannabis with high CBD levels and minimal THC levels would not disrupt the need of a person to weed tolerance break, considering that they work well in dealing with medical conditions rather than providing for all your recreational needs. Even though it works as a medical treatment, the doses should remain managed to prevent dependency from progressing. 

How to Begin the Break from Marijuana? 

To succeed in taking a break from marijuana, the first step would be to program motivation. You need to acknowledge that you need to do this for the best. It would be best not to overdo it because it will just tempt you to consume more. It is important that you are devoted to taking a pause from getting high. The first few days would be challenging, but here are instructions to follow to do so. 

Pick a Start and End Date 

The first step to the marijuana break is picking a start and end date. This will help in managing the schedule of consumption as well as the lowering of dosage. If you’re consuming on a daily basis, try lowering the number of days. Start with six days a week instead of seven. Consume six days a week for two weeks then gradually lower the number of days. This will help in programming your body that the need for marijuana is only good for an ample amount of time. 

Consuming Cannabidiol Can Help 

The weed tolerance break concerns THC and not CBD at the most. The THC level is what delivers the high feeling. Cannabidiol compounds are often used by people who respond well to natural medication. With its numerous medical benefits, it can be used to manage the consumption of THC. Using it can help in reducing the high possessed by THC and deliver a recovery at a more managed timeframe. Besides, there is a variety of options you can try, such as CBD oils in treats and edibles and even vaping methods. 

Exercise on a Daily Basis 

Exercise does a lot when it comes to stopping a specific vice. It helps in relieving your mind from the thoughts of marijuana consumption. Apart from how it improves your cardiovascular health, it can also help in weight loss. Exercising will help in managing the reduction of marijuana tolerance. Right after a workout session, try hitting a few tokes, and you will see the effects as it shifts the THC levels at a quicker pace. 

Lower Down THC Consumption 

The next step would be cutting down the dosage of marijuana consumed. It’s not as simple as it sounds, but it would be best to try not relying on your usual habits of smoking two to three times a day. As you lower the dosage of THC, it would be best to lower the number of times you consume marijuana. Instead of three, try smoking two instead and continue to lower it as weeks pass by. You can also limit the resources. Don’t purchase buds or at least lower the amount purchased. Another option would be to change the size of the rolling papers you use. 

Choose Other Consumption Methods

Another effective way to progress the weed tolerance break is to try different consumption methods. This doesn’t require lower consumption or even choosing a different strain to try but more on how it is consumed to improve its effectiveness. According to a study, vaping marijuana induces bioavailability at a higher level explaining the THC compound is able to infuse in the bloodstream immediately, which makes the high consumption unnecessary. Since you are taking a break from smoking, it would be best to continue smoking your favorite strain. Even though it is vaping and not smoking, continue to reduce your consumption to prevent dependence. 

4 Tips Considered During Weed Tolerance Break

To give you more assistance in performing weed tolerance breaks, check out these steps that you might find helpful. It’s time to switch your routines to the ones without involving marijuana. Let this give you an idea of your other options rather than just putting consumption at a complete stop. Read and know more about these five tips that should be considered during weed tolerance break. 

Acknowledge the Difficulty 

Let’s face it; taking the first step is the most difficult. Yes, you have the option to quit whenever you want, but think about how much progress you can make even when you take small steps. Try to look at it from a different perspective. In a few days, it may be difficult considering the lack of THC, but go ahead and try things that will help you be preoccupied and avoid the things that will prevent you from being tempted. 

Gradually Dispose of Cannabis in the Household

One of the best ways on how to be successful in delivering weed tolerance breaks is to gradually dispose of the cannabis left in the household. Lowering the cannabis present will require you to manage what is left of the buds. Gradual disposal will help in scheduling and dividing the buds, which means the doses are lower compared to the usual. 

Inform All the People Involved

For people who usually smoke in groups, it would be best to inform all the people you smoke with. Inform them that you are slowly cutting the marijuana off of your system due to increased marijuana dependency. This is also effective when done in groups that will serve as a support system so you can see how much you have progressed. 

Try a New Hobby 

Engage in different hobbies. This will help you think about other interests apart from marijuana consumption. Try engaging in arts, sports, film, and other interesting hobbies that can take your mind off marijuana. It will not just help degrade your marijuana dependency, but it can also improve yourself involving other interests. Besides, it wouldn’t be that bad to try other hobbies to make yourself preoccupied. 


If you have reached this part of the article, you’re doing a good job of taking the risk and knowing more about starting a weed tolerance break. Knowing that it is too much means you have to reduce or stop marijuana consumption. Continuing to increase your dose will only progress to dependence and even addiction. Take it the right way. You deserve a break from marijuana even for a short while.

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