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Pure Indica Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Pure Indica Marijuana Seeds is a high THC strain with pure indica qualities. It is a small plant at 90 cm with a compact structure and size. But despite this, it can produce good yields up to 300 grams per plant outdoors. It is a relaxing, sleepy, and euphoric strain with earthy, sweet, and spicy-flavored buds.

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5 Seeds$65.00
10 Seeds$120.00
25 Seeds$240.00

More About Pure Indica (fem)

The Small but Potent Indica

Pure Indica is ideal for cannabis enthusiasts who badly needs a breathing space after a long and exhausting day. Straight from its name, Pure Indica is entirely Indica. With Afghani to constitute her genetics, the strain is genuinely leading somewhere remarkable. Although there is nothing much disclosed about its ancestry, it is no longer a secret how this strain indulges users with the desire to relax. Adored for its ravishing relaxation, the plant further proves its worth by expanding its use not only for recreation but also for medicinal purposes.

The fact that this strain is not the high-yielding type does not stop the cannabis growers can propagating it. Enthusiasts appreciate its consistent effects. Also, growers need not be troubled with the rigorous works because Pure Indica feminized is resilient to some diseases, pests, and molds. Its height is only around 80 cm, so there is no requirement for much vertical space.


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