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Original Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Original Cheese Marijuana Seeds is a balanced hybrid cannabis strain with high THC and good yields. It is an early bloomer in just 6 to 8 weeks after germination and will give you dense buds with cheese, pungent, sweet, sour, and skunk flavors. It is a relaxing, sedating, sleepy, talkative, and uplifting strain.

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More About Original Cheese (fem)

A Great Way to make your Friends Envious

Seeing the genotype of Original Cheese feminized, one can say that it is nearly a balanced distribution. The psychoactive effects may somehow insinuate domination of one side; however, under ordinary circumstances – an excellent environment while thriving – the Indica aspect occupies more domination.

As the Original Cheese begins to grow, more of the Indica lineage is visible. It matures with dense foliage of broad dark green-shaded leaves. It is also noticeable to form many side branches. And as part of the growth strategies, it is also required to do regular trimming to ward off the accumulation of moisture, specifically in the areas where the flowers are abundant.

To ensure its most potential yield, the Original Cheese should be in controlled settings. Warmth and lighting are essential in its growth. To maintain its heat, the temperature has to be controlled and should stay within the range of 21 to 26 degrees Celsius.


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