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Understanding Live Resin and Its Uses

It’s not uncommon that cannabis is probably the only addictive substance that is made into medical mainstream due to its various unexplored components. Despite the overflowing information about its cannabinoids, the masses are still in awe and stun upon knowing that they always know nothing. 

Perhaps, it is due to a mysterious and unknown stack of cards ever marijuana constituent possess? Whatever it is, we are confident it is already on the investigation process. One of those exciting parts of cannabis is its live resin. 

Some users may only recognize it because of its responsibility to bring spice to every cannabis strains. The spices are usually called aroma and flavor. The entirety of its aims is still untracked, which we will be unraveling in this article.

What is Live Resin?

The importance of knowing the exact step-by-step procedures in planting cannabis plants, especially among newbie growers, is a must to help preserve terpenes and flavors. Successful at doing so will automatically enable other advantages to emerge, and one of them is the live resin. In other words, live resin is a marijuana concentration derived from flowers in cannabis that did not undergo curing and drying.

Note that the purpose of not doing the recalled procedure is to maintain the critical extracts that will soon be taken into useful products. For instance, terpenes can be infused with other oils to produce an aromatic fragrance. But, how do growers get to do the preservation? What cultivators do is freeze the freshly-picked buds after showing signs of harvest readiness. Upon the extraction process, the flavor and profile will then have the chance to remain intact and whole.

On the other hand, you might think, ‘What’s going to happen to dried up flowers of cannabis?’ Well, nothing’s going to happen, that’s for sure. However, growers will need to ensure that the freezing condition will continue. Otherwise, cannabis flower will lose thirds of its terpenes, especially at room temperatures.

Meanwhile, Live resin is variously available in extensive networks pf products because of the present terpene concentration that contributes to its viscosities. Usually, you will find live resin inside kinds of butter, sugars, etc. 

How do you make Live Resin?

As mentioned before, the unique technique of skipping drying and curing phases will save other noteworthy components of cannabis for further extraction purposes. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the intention will sacrifice the wellness of the cannabis plant because it will not. However, to ensure that the maintaining process will persist, it is best to store it in a critically-freezing temperature: meaning, no other temperatures to intervene as stated.

Contrariwise, do you know that letting cannabis plants experience the drying and curing method will influence their terpenes? But not in the right way. Terpenes are known for their sole responsibility for producing distinct taste and smell that will allow cannabis plants to set apart from other types. Terpenes can be seen filled inside the trichomes, where the parching-up and curing course will most impact.

To explain the making of Live Resin, you should know first that terpenes also play a significant role in its existence. By going through the recalled course in cultivating the cannabis plant, the plant will lose moisture and can affect the chlorophyll. Also, trichomes may undertake adverse states where they will be exposed to heat, increased oxygen, blinding light, and agitation. After experiencing those, expect your cannabis plant to lose its terpenes.

With the help of freezing the plant, trichomes will not have to submit to irritating and destructing exposure. At the freezing point, trichomes will only submerge under layers of coldness and ice. The submersion is a big help to conserve the valuables, which are the profile of terpenes, initial flavors, and the entire aroma. 

Triumph in doing the preservation methods will assure you that the end product you are expecting will yield wholeness in all aspects. Hence, it gets to keep its full profile since it bloomed itself during the planting method. Other than that, it’s not the only value a Live Resin holds because it has other uses.

How do you use Live Resin?

Due to the specifications of Live Resin as a concentration, it is most likely to be available in other cannabis consumption methods. Regardless of the difficulties of making one, using it is immensely comfortable, and there are also various ways to utilize it. To fully experience the potential of the product, it will need a smoking a device so consumers will have higher chances of finding its full extent.

Whether you’re a newbie user or professional smoking marijuana, you should know that Live Resin will try other ways to ingest cannabis. Take a look at some of the selected method of consuming Live Resin using different devices, as well. 


  • Dabbing has to be the most popular way to let Live Resin in your system. In this consumption process, you must have a dab gear, any device that can incinerate, and a nail. A dabber utensil is also advisable, preferably associating a scooper, due to the apparent consistency of Live Resin.

For a useful tip: submerge your nail under 550 degrees Fahrenheit temperature to preserve essential compounds such as terpenes and savors. Doing so will not sacrifice the concentration of Live Resin.

Compared to other ways, Dabbing bears a lot of downsides. For starters, they are distractedly inconvenient due to extra materials. Dabbing a resin will also not help you hide or attempt to be discreet. 

However, if you badly need to unnoticeable, you must select the best vaporizer size. Vaporizers are available in other formats, so there must be something that will fit your size preference.

Dab Pen Vaping

  • Perhaps, this method is another way to do the dabbing in the most discreet way possible. What you will need to do is pour the resin in the required pen. By definition, the dab pen is similar to a vape’s which will let you put differently-flavored concentrates into it rather than purchasing a cartridge to pour it in.

For a better experience, have a dabber instrument. The said tool will allow you to acquire the resin at its entirety before vaping the dab pen.

Topping off method

  • In this process, you will only need to add the Live Resin in any inhaling methods, such as joint, blunt, or bowl. Doing so will add spice to your smoking experience.

Now that you understand how Live Resin works, by knowing its definition, extraction process, benefits, and usage, you should be free to have it on your own, especially if you’re a grower. Using any scheme of ingesting marijuana will make you aware of the number of risks that you will most likely undergo if you fail to moderate your level.

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