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Lavender Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Lavender Feminized is popular and has good medicinal properties. It blooms between nine and ten weeks and willow catkins and can be grown indoors as well as outdoors. It has a large surface area. It primarily produces sturdier, stronger, and more robust plants; It grows vertically instead of horizontally. it’s possible that the THC amount can be as much as 20%.

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Lavender Feminized Marijuana Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant

Genetics Parents: Trainwreck x OG Kush

Flowering Period: 9-10 Weeks

Climate: Mediterranean

Yield: 450-500 gr/plant (outdoors)

Flavors: Sweet, Spicy, Herbal, Woody, Lavender

THC Level: 20%

CBD Level: 1%

Height: 90 cm

Harvest Period: October

Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Flavor and Effects of Lavender Feminized Seeds?

Any detail oozes softening vibes—including its fragrance and taste. Its scent is that of a new flower combined with the aroma of wetness. It also has a pinch of spices and a smidgen of pepper. Lavender notes begin to be noticeable as the smoke hits the nose. The single strike produces a tide of sweet-smelling sap with a small number of herby scents.

The achievement of the award-winning Indica is that it does not disappoint even those who have tried other cannabis products. Ideal for relaxing or for unwinding and unwinding, it’s excellent at the end of a busy day. Upon inhaling for the first time, you are suddenly met with an incredibly engaging and powerful high-impact ride. Positive thoughts and desires can be much more quickly set aside in laughter.

After a short period, the plant’s calming effect becomes visible. It lets an hour’s head to toe to toe bliss vanish. Veterans would be able to get around, while rookies are more likely to be sitting on the sofa. In reality, just a little bit of this fast-acting strain is enough to open the door to slumberville.

Lavender can have some harmful side effects as other types of cannabis. Most commonly observed is dry eyes that can be handled with over-the-the-counter eye drops. An excess of cottonmouth also occurred, which can be prevented by remaining well hydrated.

Excessive consumption can result in negative consequences. Beginner and beginner/low THC users may feel dizzy, and a few may experience anxiety. Involving yourself with one task at a time leads to more social engagement.

What are the Medical effects of Lavender Feminized Seeds?

It’s a pretty smelling lavender, and it has medicinal properties. It is thought to treat multiple physical illnesses while potentially treating interpersonal problems. That is not the only way to get its health benefits from marijuana. Dispensaries refine the herb material into ointments, tinctures, and elixirs. Lavender’s analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects can be beneficial. People with muscle cramps, and arthritis can experience relief after several applications.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Lavender Feminized Seeds

An excessive intake can result in troubling side effects. Users with low THC tolerance could experience dizziness and/anxiety. To try this method this approach, will result in a more pleasurable and holistic experience of life.

How to Grow Lavender Feminized Seeds

In traditional Indica structure, it is bushy and well-trunked and 6 to 8 feet tall when completed. It’s tougher to tear it apart and thicker than most buds. An extra-thick layer of resin marks potent batches.

It can grow in any place, which makes it great for beginning growers. Those who want to boost its pungency can use soil. Going for a Sea of Green option would lead to the complete return. After flowering for 8 to 9 weeks, 1.31 grams of sticky flowers per square inch would be able to harvest

Lavender is an outdoor strain. It is well-nourished in warm and sunny Mediterranean-type habitats, but it can live in less than idyllic conditions due to its tolerance to fungi and mildew. While the plant will grow in the north, it will be ready for harvest by the middle of October. With careful treatment, each plant can be expected to grow between 14 to 21 ounces of gluey buds.


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