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Cheap Pot Seeds – Purchase Ganja Seeds Online

Buying and growing your own indoor/outdoor cannabis seeds is a more economical option than buying weeds whenever you feel to smoke it for pleasure or as medical treatment. The selections we provided in this site will present you some of the best strains we have. Pick your choice and start your own indoor or outdoor pot growing so you can enjoy your highly potent buds during harvesting.[ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ 


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Swiss Miss
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White Rhino
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White Widow Feminized
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Cheap Pot Seeds For Growing & Germinating

Indoor and outdoor marijuana seeds will differ in size, potency and amount of harvest. Medijuana, Light of Jah Feminized and Maroc x Skunk Special are some of the strains that can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Some of our indoor pot seeds available are Master Kush, Master Kush Feminized and Master x Northern Light. Growing these seeds will give you higher yield when plants are given with proper care, nutrients, water and light.

What is the ideal temperature of growing indoor marijuana seeds?

The ideal temperature for growing marijuana indoors is 68 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit during light hours. Dark hours will require for a temperature that is 15 degrees lower than what a plant will require during daytime. Proper ventilation is also required in a growing room because a temperature that is too hot will stunt the growth of your plants and the quality of the buds produced is affected. Maintaining the right temperature is essential in an indoor setting for the plants to thrive well. Exhaust and circulating fans should be set up ideally to promote proper ventilation, which is very important for the plants’ growth.

What are the advantages that indoor marijuana seeds can bring?

Advantages in growing indoors are various. Initial set up for indoor growing maybe a bit pricey but it is worth every grower’s money and time since buds produced are of quality. There are also fewer tendencies for your plants to be infested with pest and mold growth because you have the full control of the environment when you grow indoor pot seeds. Outdoor marijuana seeds are more likely exposed to heavy rains, animals and extreme temperature. Indoor growing of weed seeds will allow growers to take control of temperature, light, humidity and ventilation. Smoking marijuana is illegal in many countries and so do with selling and growing. It is advantageous to grow marijuana indoors so you can hide your plants form authorities.  With indoor pot seeds growing, you can cultivate your pots with privacy.

What are some of the disadvantages of indoor marijuana seeds cultivation?

Setting up your own grow room for growing indoor pot seeds is costly since you need to supply your plants with the right spectrum of light using an artificial light source. Energy consumption will also rise. One of the disadvantages of growing indoors is the difficulty to hide the smell of the weeds. Different strains of marijuana give different kinds of odor. Some strains have sweet smell while others have pungent odor. However, there are available options on how to mask the smell that marijuana is giving out. You can use activated charcoal or carbon filters. Scented perfumes and soaps can also be used.

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