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Useful Tips on How to Sober Up From Weed

Are you feeling too high enjoying a good trip? You seem to enjoy too much of smoking the weed that you have set aside your limit. Too much consumption of weed can lead to a nasty feeling headache, uncontrollable vomiting, nausea, and dry eyes and nose. You are actually suffering from cannabis hangover.

Yes, like alcohol, too much consumption of weed can lead to a hangover. If you experience this, it is best to know important tips on how to sober up from weed hangover. You see, this does not only happen to novice cannabis smokers but also experienced smokers. This can happen to anyone who consumes too much weed.

Let us make it clear, though, that overconsumption of weed or cannabis will never result in cannabis overdose. The negative effect of too much consumption of cannabis, as mentioned, is a hangover. The negative effects are almost similar to alcohol hangover, and they are manageable. So far, there are no reported fatalities concerning cannabis hangover or overconsumption of weed. Still, it is best to know how to avoid a hangover and how to sober up from the weed hangover.

For those who have experienced hangover caused by cannabis, it can be very unpleasant. It can bring different effects on the body because we have different body chemistry. So what can happen is that after the intense trip, the degree of the person’s hangover can differ from the other person. But still, a hangover is not good.

Tips on How To Sober Up from Weed

There is no doubt that when you are so much, say smoking the weed; you tend to forget how much your body can handle; thus, you overconsume weed. The high can be so great, but what happens after the trip? You have this massive headache; you experience nausea, you vomit…it’s crazy! Weed hangover can be nasty, so how can you sober up?

Here are useful tips on how to Sober up from Weed

Get up and freshen up. Waking up with all your senses seem to not work. Massive headache and feeling nauseous are not good. You can’t start your day this way, especially if you have work ahead.

  1. The first thing that you can do is start by splashing cold water on your face or your neck area. The Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) component in the cannabis is responsible for the high. Too much THC can affect a person’s ability to function. It slows down the body’s perception and reaction. By applying cold water, will shock the system.
  2. Take a bath. It will shock your system; perhaps you can go ahead and freshen up. A good bath will not just totally wake you up; it can also freshen you up. So this will completely wake you up from the trance. So get yourself going and take a much-needed bath.
  3. Have a cup of warm coffee. Even in alcohol hangover or any other hangover, drinking a cup of warm coffee is one of the best ways to awaken your senses. After taking a bath, get your self a warm cup of coffee that will quickly sober you up. A study conducted in 2018 showed results that drinking eight cups of coffee a day can cause a reduction in the neurotransmitters that are affected by cannabis. So if you are suffering from a weed hangover, a cup of coffee will help you sober up.
  4. Take or ingest some black pepper – Yes, black pepper can help on how to sober up. Black pepper contains a chemical compound called caryophyllene. This compound can relieve anxiety and lessen the risk of paranoia. You can ingest it with your food, chew it, or whatever way that you can ingest it.
  5. Ingest some CBD mix or edibles – We all know that THC is responsible for the high in cannabis, so to mellow it down, you can take or ingest CBD edibles to counterpart the effects of THC. CBD or Cannabidiol is another major component found in the weed, which is responsible for medical benefits. By taking in or eating CBD edibles, it balances the effects of the high so that it won’t be that strong.
  6. Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water. The reason why drinking lots of water can help you sober up is that it helps to flush out the THC in the body. Drinking water before and after consumption can also lessen the side effects of the weed. Drinking water is the best option than drinking flavored water or juice; they may come with ingredients that can worsen the hangover. For example, mangoes contain terpenoid myrcene that can prolong the effects of THC in the body.
  7. Feed yourself. Feeding yourself will help you regain lost strength and will help you throughout the day.  
  8. Take some lemon – Limonene is said to reduce the risk of anxiety, that is according to a medical study published in 2012. To help you sober up, make a lemon juice, zest a bit of peel and then add some sugar. Drink your lemon juice, and it will help you feel better.
  9. Aspirin can help. If you have a tough day waiting for you, aspirins can help you sober up. You may be done freshening up and have a cup of coffee; then, you can take some aspirin or ibuprofen. Do not worry as ibuprofen is safe, and there’s no danger reported with the effects of ibuprofen and the effects of cannabis.
  10. Relax. If you have a weed hangover and then you have no plans for the day, the best advice that we can give you is to relax. Yes, after freshening up and feeding yourself, try to stay at home and relax. This can help if you are feeling anxious as you can stay comfortable in a familiar setting. Keep yourself from moving too much. If you are feeling anxious, take deep breaths and try to relax. You can watch feel-good movies or listen to music to pacify what you feel.

As a cannabis consumer, it is your responsibility to know your limits so that you will not experience weed hangover. Yes, it can be fun, but you have to think about what happens after that? Weed hangovers can be nasty won’t let you feel well for a day or two. Knowing helpful and useful tips on how to sober up from weed can be very helpful in case you encounter weed hangovers, but as a responsible weed consumer, it is better to smoke within your limits.

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