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How Long Does a Weed High Last: What Every Stoner Should Expect

Cannabis has various purposes, especially in the modern world. In the past few decades, cannabis was thought to be very detrimental to the health of a person but recent studies have slowly shown that smoking and consuming marijuana have a major positive impact on our overall well-being. Every person who has smoked weed knows that getting high is just one of the many things that can be enjoyed using marijuana. Knowing how long does a weed high last is crucial for every user to fully understand how to consume marijuana and stay clear from the dangers of its adverse effects.

How Marijuana Gets You High

Marijuana induces a lot of different effects on the human mind and body including sensory, physical, and psychological changes. These mild effects are often caused by compounds found only in cannabis called cannabinoids. They interact with the human system called the endocannabinoid system. One of the major cannabinoids found in cannabis is THC which brings us to a certain level where there is an alteration with how we perceive and react to things. This experience is what we call getting high.

Most of the effects of getting high are very recreational. Smoking weed and getting high makes you feel good through its euphoric effects. It improves your mood and relaxes you. It also stimulates your mind and causes you to be more creative. Other strains of marijuana induce very psychoactive effects that you begin to hallucinate different things.

However, these effects differ from one person to another and are largely determined by the strain of marijuana you consume. Many of our common reaction to marijuana are very positive to a point that it is also beneficial to the body. Other individuals have a much less enjoyable experience when smoking weed. This can be determined through different factors such as tolerance, dosage, and potency.

People who are not regularly exposed to smoking weed tend to have a low tolerance and are largely affected by the high. The dosage and potency of different strains also play a role in how marijuana gets you high. High doses with very high potency cause a stronger effect on the individual while strains that have minimal THC content often cause milder effects.

How Long Does A Weed High Last?

When it comes to determining how long does a weed high last, it depends on several factors as well. For one, the method of consumption is vital to how long it will last inside our system. Consuming concentrated cannabis extracts in its raw form through the use of dabs and vaporizer tends to get absorbed quickly by the body and is usually depleted in just several hours. 

Those who use cannabis oils to make edibles and serve them as desserts such as cookies and cupcakes tend to take longer for the effects to start. This makes the high last longer as it takes a lot of time for the body to breakdown the cannabinoids and use them up. Usually, edible high can last up to 9 hours and peaks at around the first hour up to the third hour.

When smoking cannabis, the onset can be felt immediately and the peak levels of THC can be felt during the first 30 minutes. The high can last up to several hours although the intensity of the high slowly dwindles in the next few hours.

Others also use the sublingual method or putting the cannabis concentrate underneath the tongue so that it is readily absorbed by the body. This quickens the effects but also prolongs it. You can use oils, distillates, and tinctures and use the sublingual route to enjoy getting high as fast as possible.

Another factor that would determine the length of your high is how much weed you get to take to achieve such a goal. The amount or dosage you take before you get high is an important factor as it will tell you more about your tolerance if you are regularly taking weed. Those who are still new or trying out marijuana would need to tone down on the amount first to make sure that your body won’t be shocked at how much getting high it would affect you.

Normally, anywhere between 0.5-gram joint or eating a 50mg edible for beginners would be enough to get you high and should offer the same amount of time to get you high. As for regular users, it would depend on the frequency, potency, the type of strain, and tolerance of the user.

The strain or the type of marijuana you use determines how long your weed high will last. The potent type of strains are more likely to get you a high fast and the high would last longer than those with lower potency and THC content. Higher quality stains also play a factor as it determines the quality and amount of cannabinoids that are present in the joint that you smoke. Low-quality weed would easily dissipate fast while high-quality weed has the extra-strength and flavor.

Lastly, enjoy the high. Keep yourself entertained as you slowly get high from weed. Play video games, read a book, share it with friends. These activities should help you get the most out of getting high making it one of the best experiences in the world.

How To Extend Your High

While many would simply want to get high, others want to extend such pleasurable experience. Many people who want to extend the high from cannabis often either smoke weed again or go for the strains that have long-lasting effects. Some would smoke weed and then eat edibles packed with cannabis concentrates to further extend the high to several more hours.


To maximize your weed high, always make sure to smoke and consume only high-quality weed. You can determine the fresh one as they will always bring you the best high possible. Learning to choose between the different strains is important to know how long does a weed high last. To be safe, always buy from a reputable source, and for those who have access to marijuana legally, check out your local dispensaries for your fresh batch of weed and If you’re looking high-quality weed, get it here at marijuana seed bank.

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