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Grow Tent Setup Made Easy for You

For growers, the location of cultivation is assumedly the most critical part of growing a cannabis plant. Apart from it will dictate how the cannabis plant will grow; it will also exert extra care and support for the plant’s necessities. Along with difficulties are the specific standards every cultivator should be aware of, especially the newbies.

Whether it’s outdoor or indoor, each setup will make you face daunting challenges that will discourage you from moving further. In this article, we will guide you on how to grow tent setup to allow you to feel the ease of planting freely. While it’s true that issues will be more robust ahead, your willpower to follow instructions and not go into an excruciating path should always dominate all your attitude.

Everything you need to know about Grow Tent Setup

For everyone’s knowledge, grow tent is a setup intended for indoor cultivation. The grow tent should have everything a cannabis plant will need to live, including enough light, ventilation, and such. Failure to do so will lead to the whole fiasco.

The procedures in setting up grow tents may not be as easy as you expect it to be, but you must know the essence of indoor farming. Meaning, if you find yourself uninterested in the first place, don’t you dare proceed anyway. Otherwise, you will only put all the efforts you exerted to waste. 

On the other hand, building a grow tent conceives innumerable benefits and enumeration of convenience. Besides, it’s only designed for professional users because newbies can have their own, as long as they are more than willing to reach success. 

However, the downside of indoor is the same as outdoors’s weaknesses, where only selected cannabis plants can thrive in the said environment. If you added cannabis that is not meant to grow indoors in your list of weeds, you might have to cancel the plan right away.

Why Choose Grow Tent Setup?

Several factors affect the growth of the cannabis plant, that if growers relied on natural occurrences, they would be highly disappointed in how it will turn out. But with an indoor grow tent, you can control the environment in any way you can.

Of course, manipulation is not the only achievement you wish to receive in this matter. There goes the abundance of yields as well. The more transcendent you handle the controlled environment, the better outcome you will receive. 

For some reason, beginners and experts are choosing to set up a grow tent more than other modes of cultivation. The benefits are the following:

1. Grow the plant anytime, anywhere

Using a grow tent will allow you to plant it at any time of the day. Admittedly, we are aware that certain weather seasons are not meant for cannabis planting. But with a tent, you will not have to worry about it anymore. 

The benefit of this beneficial outcome is you can produce more in a year than basing it off of natural events. Hence, making it ideal than outdoor cultivation.

2. Controllable environment

Obviously, with a tent, you can manipulate every change you wish to apply. Besides, you can also adjust the mode of the environment according to what your plant would like. In the end, you will be blessed with abundance.

3. Easy to set up and easy to remove

In this advantage, the natural level will depend on how strict you wish the grow tent condition would be, which will rely on your cannabis’ preference. But usually, tents have an easy step by step procedures in terms of building up process. If it’s easy to set up, it must be easy to remove as well.

4. You can stay away from undesirable conditions.

Since you will gain the upper hand with your grow tent, you should be able to keep off any unwanted matters to happen. For instance, a controllable location will allow growers to keep their plants from spiraling down in the negative path, which can consist of bad odors and other elements that could prevent it from prospering.

Choosing to grow tent over forms of cultivations supposedly a matter of preference. But, it should be more of a case of importance. With the significant advantages, it is impossible to have a grow tent and feel regretful about it.

How to build your own Grow Tent Setup?

Setting up a grow tent is undeniably accessible, with the cheap but premium materials available for grabs. With a lot of people encountering the exceptional side of grow tent setup and indoor growing, a lot of methods are also available for you to see and follow. As a result, you will only need to organize all materials you decided to purchase and connect it.

Before diving into the necessary step by step procedures, make sure that you have the following materials. Take note that you can provide alternatives that you think are worthy enough.

1. Grow Tent

You will need a grow tent for this to happen. Make sure that the height and weight can accommodate your cannabis plant’s stature, other required materials, and your home as well. Selecting the perfect grow tent that will fit the ever necessary action is crucial in achieving perfection. 

2. Lamp

Aside from growing tent, the lighting you will provide will also serve as a critical factor to follow. The lamp will be responsible for delivering energy to your plants so they can make nutrients and experience photosynthesis.

It is also essential that you know the amount of light your plant will need. Failure in the following will end your plant in either a burnt up condition or lack of lighting.

3. Filter

The filter is also a part of the grow tent, where it will work as the one eradicating unwanted scents and harmful pathogens present. 

4. Ventilation

Lastly, the ventilation should be outstandingly functional in all aspects because it will be the sole key in controlling every support the plant will need to thrive. Besides reducing heat, maintaining heat, and preventing carbon dioxide from building up, it may also control pests and diseases that could harm your plant.

After gathering all the necessary materials and pieces of equipment, you should proceed to the procedures. The following are the guidelines:

Ready everything

Aside from the materials listed above, it would be best to prepare the tools that you will need. In this case, those are the following:

– Screwdrivers

– Wire Cutters

– Scissors

Assembling the grow tent setup

In assembling the tent, it is necessary to do a double check in everything. Remember that every part should be functional, including the zippers.

Assembling the grow lamp

To assemble the grow lamp, provide a holder for it first. Preferably a mounting device. Then, attached it to the crossbar of the frame located inside the tent. Hang the grow lamps correctly to cater to the needs and wants of your cannabis plants. Also, as much as possible, make it safe because there are cases that electrical accidents occur.

Add the ventilation and filter

In the place of ventilation and filter, it is a must that you predetermined it before anything else. But, if you have not, you can hang the screen using the crossbars in tents. Next, please proceed with the ventilator and attach it to the opening. 

It is also essential to know the distance between the two materials. Doing so will let you know the proper electric cord length so you won’t face difficulties.

Perform a safety scan and maintain the environment the way it needs to be

The safety scan should let you check all the possible risks present and resolve it as soon as possible. If there were none, ensure the maintenance for the environment’s ideal climate condition.

In conclusion, a grow tent setup should not send hassle your way. With the easy requirements and suitable materials, you can build indoor cultivation to provide the needs of your cannabis plants. Regardless of how ideal the condition is, your way of taking care of the plant will still matter.

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