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DIY Grow Tent Ideas for Indoor Growers

Are you tired of going to a dealer or a dispensary and spending hundreds to a thousand dollars for weed? Then this is the article that you should be reading as it will guide you in indoor weed growing and making your first DIY grow tent.

We have all been in the position of spending a lot of our resources in purchasing the best weed that we could ever find, and we only end up breaking the bank without even having enough supplies that will last for a week or so. That problem has the right solution and will also help you change your normal and boring weekly cycle.

This guide will help you not only to save money but will also bring out your creativity as well as training you to become more disciplined and appreciative of what you have. This will also give you the satisfaction as well as the fulfillment of harvesting your own personalized strain that will provide all your needs.

What are the Benefits?

A DIY grow tent will give you all that you could hope for when it comes to a constant supply of weed. This will give you options that you could not imagine that it is even possible, and there are certain benefits that will blow you away. 

Here is a rundown of the benefits of a DIY grow tent:


DIY grow tents are very cheap; this will not cost you more than $100 to build and assemble, due to its simpleness and also its mobility and size this will give you a lot of room in your budgets since this is a DIY build you just have to allocate conventional items to create the tent itself, if you are creative and imaginative enough, you might not spend even a penny to create your tent. You may even turn an old closet into your own DIY grow tent.

Don’t worry about the law; you are covered. Since there is massive legalization already implemented in most states in the US, you may now grow your own weed at the comforts of your home without the worries of getting caught, just make sure that your state already legalized the possession of marijuana, if not you might want to think of another recreational activity.

Mobility and Space

Since a grow tent is created at your own liberty, you can devise ways in order for your build to be more mobile. You can attach wheels that will allow you to move your grow tent into a position or space that you prefer; this will also give you the freedom to use a space at your own disposal. Since a grow tent is little and consumes less space than outdoor grow tents, it will allow you to fit it even in a 4×4 ft space, which makes it possible to grow your own weed.

Controlled Temperature and Environment

As we all know, the cannabis plant is a very delicate plant that needs proper lighting, extreme darkness, and also an environment where it can grow and thrive. This means that having a grow tent will let you mimic the best possible environment that nature can give to the plant. You will be able to control the darkness, the lighting, and also the temperature in order for you to have high quality yield and also highly potent yield that will surely satisfy your needs.

How to Build your DIY Grow Tent?

Did you know that you can actually build your own grow tent in a fast, easy and affordable way? You can even build it for just spending a little over $100 or even less. Here’s what you have to do:

The materials that you will be needed are the following:

  • Fans or computer fans
  • LED lights or CFL bulbs
  • Strong duct tape
  • Cable ties, thin wire or velcro stickers
  • The poly film both black and white
  • DIY modular shelves or PVC pipes

Duct tape will be used as your binder as well as your main adhesive to attach the Poly film; you may not use any other tape as it will affect the structural integrity of the build, and you will have a hard time attaching the poly. As for the cable tie, this wire, and velcro, you will use them for the cable management of the fans and lighting system.

The shelves are the easiest way to create a sturdy structure where you can place the plant, but you may also use your imagination by using PVC pipes, which are more cost-effective than the shelves if you purchase them.

DIY Grow Tent Ideas


You can turn an old closet into a grow tent. Just modify it by attaching frames where you can mount your LED grow light or your CFLs, you can also place PVC piping where you can lay your cables to prevent any exposure to any moisture and liquid. Create a hole on top of the closet where you can mount your exhaust fan to ensure that excess heat can be dissipated. At the bottom part, make holes for your intake fans, you may use computer fans which produce less noise and can be controlled to provide optimum speed. Black and white poly films must be used as well to reflect and absorb light for the whole closet build.

Shoe Rack

Yes, you got it right, a shoe rack can also be used to create your DIY tent. Are you wondering how? Since the shoe rack is open, you can enclose it by using scrap or new wood panels to create an enclosure and an opening as well; you can adjust the shelving of the rack by decreasing their height and width distance. Once you have established your enclosures, it is already at your own liberty where you will place the intake and exhaust fans; you just have to make sure that the plant has proper ventilation.


This is the simple guide that will give you the idea of creating your own DIY grow tent, with a limited budget to spend, this will surely get you going. With a lot of imagination and creativity, you can create your own tent that will ensure you have the cannabis supply you need. This is also a way for you to learn more about the plant as well as the growing process in case you want to pursue being a grow-master.

If you have your own DIY grow tent now, then we have the perfect seeds for you. Get it here at indoor cannabis seeds.

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