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Grape Ape Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Cannabis from the Grape Ape is renowned for its calming and carefree effects. High THC levels and a variety of terpenes are present in this Indica-dominant powerhouse. The strain knocks you right between the eyes while enticing you with its mouthwatering aroma and fragrance. Beginner-friendly cultivar Grape Ape feminized seeds produce excellent harvests even when planted by inexperienced growers. This strain’s remarkable euphoric but focused and physically soothing properties make it a top pick for medical and recreational users. Get a taste of it by purchasing your Grape Ape Strain marijuana seeds from Mary Jane’s Garden. This current variety is appropriate for growers who want personal and professional achievement. We promise that you will receive the best and highest-quality seeds possible.

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What is Grape Ape Strain?

In an experiment, breeders crossed Afghani, Skunk, and Mendocino Purps, resulting in feminized Grape Ape Strain seeds. The breeders created a beautiful, powerful, and simple-to-grow cultivar by merging these extraordinary and distinctive qualities. When grown, Grape Ape feminized seeds produce gorgeous weed plants with enticing aromas and generous quantities of extraordinarily potent buds. It can be challenging to find fulfillment in another variety of marijuana after consuming marijuana from feminized Grape Ape weed seeds. With THC levels between 15 and 25%, this marijuana hits like a purple primate, knocking you out with its incredible effects and delectable aroma. The rich skunk and grape-candy aroma and fragrance of this cannabis make it the perfect treatment to relieve the day’s stress. It aids in your ability to relax and enjoy your evening. Grape Ape is completely incapacitating in every other imaginable way, though it stimulates the palate and nose.


Feminized Grape Ape Weed seeds produce stunning purple plants with layers of fruity, sweet, and sour aromas and subtle spice undertones.


Cannabis grown from Grape Ape feminized seeds burns quickly after being lit, giving the consumer a taste of sweet and slightly tart grape and berry. Additionally, it has hints of lemon zest, which takes away the artificial bitterness and gives the consumer a delightfully lemony aftertaste.


When exposed to cooler nighttime temperatures, plants cultivated from these feminized seeds stand out from the crowd by developing vivid green colas and deep purple leaves. As harvest time comes, the sticky resin on the buds changes and takes on the appearance of a shimmering white frost. Due to their shiny exterior, these bushy plants appear to be miniature, reddish Christmas trees with snowy tops.

Strain Profile

Strain Parents: Mendocino Purps x Skunk x Afghani
Strain Dominant: Indica-Dominant
CBD Content: 0.4%
THC Content: 20%
Flowering Time: 6 – 8 weeks

Grape Ape Strain Growing Information

Feminized Grape Ape marijuana seeds have outstanding natural resistance to disease and pests, making it simple to grow this strain indoors and outdoors. In controlled circumstances, feminized Grape Ape marijuana seeds grow and even fill small spaces with medium-sized yields. Indoor gardeners that take good care of their plants and use a Sea of Green arrangement should anticipate a result of 12 to 18 oz./m2 after six to eight weeks of flowering. A consistent temperature between 70 and 90 °F and a relative humidity level between 40 and 50% are needed for growing feminized Grape Ape weed seeds indoors. Since these plants are extremely bushy, indoor and outdoor cultivators must trim, prune, and create support structures. By early October, growers of Grape Ape feminized seeds can anticipate a harvest of up to 21 oz./plant delectable plum-colored nugs in warm, lightly humid regions. Depending on the climate in their area, outdoor growers may need to construct a shelter for their crop to shield it from heavy rain and excessive humidity. To guarantee that you will have your well-earned cannabis by late September or early October, the optimal period to plant feminized Grape Ape seeds is between late March and early May.

Grape Ape Strain Medical Benefits

The sedating and physically relaxing properties of Grape Ape cannabis are widely valued by medical marijuana users worldwide. Cannabis from feminized Grape Ape seeds has the power required to numb your entire body because it is an Indica-heavy strain. Users who have used this plant for therapeutic purposes are happy about its ability to treat ailments like fibromyalgia, chronic pain, muscle spasms, joint stiffness, headaches, migraines, and muscle discomfort. A few puffs of this cannabis will help you wind down if your anxiety is getting in the way of your ability to unwind. The potent calming effects of cannabis from these feminized strains are also insurmountable against insomnia. Puffing on some of this marijuana will have you nodding off into la-la land if you struggle with sleep deficiency or if stress keeps you up at night. This marijuana is also well known for giving users munchies, making it a great strain to consume if you have nausea or a low appetite.

Final Thoughts

Customers adore Grape Ape marijuana because of its powerfully intellectual and stimulating effects. It is an Indica-dominant strain and one of America’s most popular varieties. Feminized Grape Ape is a favorite of home gardeners and professional growers since it produces a lot of fruit and is easy to grow. These feminized weed seeds have exclusively female plants and require little care, offering a great return on investment. At Mary Jane’s Garden, you may get Grape Ape feminized seeds. Start cultivating this incredible strain immediately by visiting our page and ordering a batch!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Grape Ape feminized strain good for anxiety?

This well-known flower with a purple color is extremely calming and is excellent for tension, discomfort, and anxiety.

What kind of high is Grape Ape Strain?

The Grape Ape strain is a robust and Indica-dominant hybrid renowned for its mild first euphoric buzz that gradually gives way to profound relaxation and all-over stress alleviation. Grape Ape, which has a THC concentration of between 17% and 25%, is excellent for folks who enjoy a comfortable couch lock and a long, sedative slumber.

Can a beginner grow this strain?

Yes. Feminized Grape Ape seeds produce plants that are strong and remarkably resistant to plant diseases and pests. In controlled and outdoor conditions, the cultivar thrives. These qualities make feminized Grape Ape marijuana seeds an absolute breeze to grow when combined with a little TLC.

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    Had a fantastic result with the seeds. I value the advice. For all of your marijuana seed requirements, I strongly suggest this online store. Excellent selection, quick shipment, and excellent quality. Will definitely purchase it again.

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