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Gorilla Mint Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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The classic hybrid marijuana Gorilla Mint Strain Feminized is more of an Indica-dominant variety of weed. It has a very strong Indica vibe and comes with various unique attributes and traits. You’re going to experience some crazy body buzzes from these Gorilla Mint Feminized buds, which will transport you to a place of complete relaxation and joy. Get a taste of it by ordering marijuana seeds of the Gorilla Mint Strain from Mary Jane’s Garden. If you wish to buy plenty of Gorilla Mint feminized seeds at a discount, please visit our wholesale website. For every client who has received validation. Our Gorilla Mint feminized seeds are the same for normal and business clients, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best and highest-quality seeds possible.

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What is Gorilla Mint Strain?

Gorilla Mint Strain Feminized is an Indica dominant and a hybrid of Zkittlez, Thin Mint, and Gorilla Glue#4. Given that it is Indica-dominant, you should prepare for an average-sized plant with robust side branches. Although Gorilla Mint Feminizes is a real hybrid with Indica traits like a blissful body buzz, you can expect Sativa’s creative powers to come to the fore while you’re sleeping. It has a high THC content and a low CBD content, and it grows quickly and yields a lot. As an Indica-dominant, you will experience the effects mostly on your body; you may anticipate feeling like your body is being covered in a warm, comforting blanket. You should also expect a cerebral stimulation to occur, which will rid your mind of any unfavorable thoughts. You’ll be able to unwind and feel good at the same time by doing this. The Gorilla Mint Feminized plant is an Indica variation that won’t grow tall, making it simple to grow both indoors and outdoors. It will be possible to harvest its lucrative crop in around 9 to 10 weeks, or by October. The buds that you can take are thickly covered with trichomes.


You will immediately detect sweet aromas and a slight earthy accent when you inhale Gorilla Mint Feminized buds. The sweetness will be reduced and the kick will be harsher due to the spicy fragrance.


Your mouth starts to fill with fruity gushes as the rich inhale cools your throat with a burst of minty freshness. As you exhale all the delightful and heavy smoke, some sweet, candy-like tones remain on your tongue. This strain’s flavors also have an earthy undertone, which is excellent for bringing everything back to equilibrium.


These feminized seeds will produce short, bushy plants as well as plump, chunky buds that are covered in dense trichome layers.

Strain Profile

Strain Parents: Thin Mint x Zkittelz x GG#4
Strain Dominant: Indica-Dominant
CBD Content: Unknown
THC Content: Unknown
Flowering Time: 9 – 10 weeks

Gorilla Mint Strain Growing Information

Cannabis plants grown from Gorilla Mint Strain Feminized seeds yield a lot and are simple to grow. The potency and reliability of this plant cannot be understated by growers. That will require patience to grow, and the buds will have an average output while being extremely potent. You notice this marijuana plant’s chunky, buggy buds that are coated in a thick layer of crystals with red-coral hair. It flowers for nine to ten weeks before becoming ready to harvest in October. This plant prefers a sunny, Mediterranean climate for cultivation. Because of its Indica roots, the Gorilla Mint Feminized cannabis strain grows more indoors and reacts well to low-stress training methods like SOG or SCROG, improving production. The Gorilla Mint Feminized strain cannot be grown outdoors according to any specific instructions. It is a high-yielding plant, nonetheless, and many seasoned growers assert that if it is grown under ideal circumstances, this variety can provide very high yields. Harvest time for farmers is anticipated to be around late September or early October.

Gorilla Mint Strain Medical Benefits

Gorilla Mint Strain is a hybrid that can be a good choice of strain for medical marijuana use due to the dual nature of its effects. Whether they are little or more severe, any aches and pains you encounter in your body will be greatly reduced by it. This works well to treat physical diseases like inflammation, lower backaches, nerve damage, arthritis, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and more thanks to the therapeutic sensations and the massaging body buzzes. Additionally, Gorilla Mint Feminized produces some really euphoric and uplifting feelings that can be quite effective in treating complete exhaustion, chronic stress, mood swings, and other mental health issues. Users report feeling much more concentrated as a result, which can be utilized to treat ADHD/ADD and other attention deficit disorders. The mind-expanding properties of this mixture can also be used to cure any social anxiety.

Final Thoughts

This Gorilla Mint Feminized strain gives your body some traditional Indica effects. Your body will slowly start to experience a wave of relaxation, which will make your arms, legs, and head feel more heavier than usual. The two main things you will notice as this dreamy cloud begins to envelop your entire physical being sleepy and tired. You’re going to spend the next few hours completely collapsed on the couch, minding your own business. In bulk orders, Mary Jane’s Garden guarantees that you will always receive genuine Gorilla Mint Strain Feminized marijuana seeds of the greatest quality at an affordable price. You may always get wholesale Gorilla Mint Feminized Marijuana Seeds!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gorilla Mint Strain Indica or Sativa?

An Indica-dominant strain, it is ideal to consume the Gorilla Mint feminized at the end of the day or right before bed because of its calming effects, which can make you feel more at ease.

Can a beginner grow this strain?

Cannabis plants grown from Gorilla Mint Fem seeds yield a lot and are simple to grow. The potency and reliability of this plant cannot be understated by growers.

What is the flowering time of this strain marijuana?

It flowers for nine to ten weeks before becoming ready to harvest in October. This plant prefers a sunny, Mediterranean climate for cultivation.

2 reviews for Gorilla Mint Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Leroy B Warner

    You get exactly what you see. A better online purchasing experience has never existed for me. Quick shipping, discreet packaging, and premium seeds. I absolutely support this shop. I appreciate this.

  2. Christopher Lopez

    This is a gorgeous strain that has chunky and buggy buds! Wonderful!! I cultivated my Gorilla Mint outdoors, and surprisingly the power and quality of this plant really surprised me. Gave me an excellent yield. Well, I just did what I had to do. Cultivated properly, took my attention to it. AND KAPOWWW, there goes my excellent yield!! This strain never lets me down! The perfectly-balanced aroma and flavors. The sweet candy flavor with a hit of spice and earthy scent has thrown my insomnia away. Real quick!! Very satisfying and relaxing when smoked!!! I love this strain, always!!

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