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Ghost OG Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

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This indica-dominant strain is a strong relaxant that inherited the qualities that have made Kush strains so famous. Ghost OG is a high-THC strain with a heavy cerebral high followed by a sweet and citrusy yet creamy smoke. Ghost OG is a combination of the famed hybrid OG Kush renowned for its superior cortical high and sedative body impact. This hybrid is robust but not debilitating, helping you maintain hold of your high while fully succumbing to its influence.

This strain is a potent medicinal variant, possessing an extensive list of healing properties. Ghost OG has won some Cannabis Cup awards, often with justification. This potent indica strain is an excellent option if you’re looking for a way to unwind, particularly if you’re new to cannabis.

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Ghost OG Autoflower Marijuana Strain Specification

Type: 70 Indica 30 Sativa 

Genetics Parents: OG Kush mixed with Afghani

Flowering Period: 8-9 weeks

Climate: Mediterranean 

Yield: 11 oz/m2 (indoors) 9 oz/plant (outdoors) 

Flavors: citrus, earthy, sweet, pungent, orange

THC Level: 18%-24%

CBD Level: 0.30%

Height: Medium

Harvest Period: early October

Growing Difficulty: Easy                

What are the Flavor and Effects of Ghost OG Autoflower Marijuana Strain?

Ghost OG has a strong sedative effect on the physical and mental levels, which can be traced back to its origins. This strain causes an overwhelming sense of calm, eventually unraveling the emotions and dissipating any heaviness. It’s ideal as a nightcap to soothe those frayed nerves.

This indica-dominant strain is also one of the most potent mood enhancers available. Ghost OG has the power to infuse you with optimistic emotions and leave you feeling elevated and drained of your worries. This strain may help you unwind without making you feel drowsy, but prolonged intake can cause you to feel sleepy.

Ghost OG is also renowned for uplifting and elating users, introducing brief euphoria bursts to an already enjoyable high. This version can also inspire you to be more imaginative than usual. It is stimulating and allows you to work beyond the box, particularly beneficial if you are naturally artistic. Ghost OG is an exceptionally fragrant variety, with an energizing fragrance that fills the atmosphere. Additionally, this strain includes notes of sugar and fresh wood, which contribute considerably to the pleasure of smoking it and quickly make the mouth water for more.

And the flavors of this strain are noteworthy. On the inhale, Ghost OG has an earthy flavor with hints of sugar and citrus. This strain is very intense, both in smell and taste, and is sure to leave a sticky soft citrus taste on your tongue that will last for many hours.

What are the Medical Benefits of Ghost OG Autoflower Marijuana Strain?

Ghost OG is a widely used medicinal strain with a variety of behavioral and physical ailments. This strain is necessary to stress relief, helping even chronically depressed patients to find a way to ease their nerves and reach a more relaxed state. This hybrid heavily relies on indica effects, providing relief to psychiatric patients suffering from chronic pain and muscle spasms for a long time. Ghost OG has been shown to ease physical pain, such as joint aches and migraines, and to help you maintain a steady-state of relaxation.

Ghost OG has also been found to help the struggle against insomnia, as it can cause sleepiness at higher doses. This strain can also aid cancer patients undergoing chemical therapies by alleviating suicidal symptoms and restoring appetites while preventing usual nausea.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Ghost OG Autoflower Marijuana Strain

Ghost OG is a potent strain, but it has significantly fewer side effects than other potent strains. This indica-dominant strain can trigger the typical dry mouth and scratchy, dry eyes, leaving you slightly dehydrated and in desperate need of water. Additionally, smoking this strain can induce a moderate sense of paranoia, followed by minor dizziness. In some instances, smoking Ghost OG may often result in a mild headache, which is usually due to a sense of dehydration. 

How to Grow Ghost OG Autoflower Marijuana Strain

Ghost OG is a relatively simple strain since it thrives in sunny and mild Mediterranean climates. While this strain produces mediocre yields, it compensates for this by being resistant to a wide range of common diseases and being naturally low-maintenance.

Ghost OG produced indoors can be anticipated to bloom and be ready for harvest in around 8 to 9 weeks on average. During harvest, this strain can produce approximately 11 ounces of bud. This flower is typically ready for harvesting outdoors in early October, as it blooms in the late summer. Ghost OG produces approximately 9 oz/plant. 

2 reviews for Ghost OG Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

  1. Justine Scott

    easy 10/10! Thanks

  2. Kyle Trinidad

    The quality is unparalleled, and the results are simply incredible!

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