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List of Fun Things to do While High on Weed

It’s fun and satisfying to be high on the favorite green herb. In times when you want to loosen up from the things you are going through and those that are happening around, just a joint to smoke can surely make you happy and comforted. Other than that, here are some of the fun things to do while high.

The high that one may experience are highly based on the amount of cannabis you’ve consumed, and that is what will also lay the list of activities you can do. Your actions depend on how much high you are, too, so you must be aware of your consumption.

Some of the best things to do while high on weed can be drawn from the list below. Find out how you can do them as well in one of your high times.

Fun Things to do While High on Weed

1. Feel free to dance

Your body would seem lighter and softer, more flexible to do certain sexy movements that could be in tune with the music. Choose background music that makes you move your feet and hips. It will surely be fun alone or with a company.

2. Do some Tai Chi

Do some reflective thinking and be more aware of everything going on around. Study how to do Tai Chi and do some while you are high on weed. This way, you shall be able to check on your heartbeat and breathing as well as how the energy inside you flows.

3. Practice playing with a Hula Hoop

Not everybody can do hula hoops. But, with the confidence, flexibility, and uplifting feeling you experience while you are high, it becomes possible and achievable.

4. Go to a Circus or a park

It was a child thing when you enjoy going to a circus, and it’s become common and uninteresting when you’ve become an adult. However, if you hit a joint or a blunt before going there, you’ll be craving for the experience again.

5. Visit a Museum

Buy a ticket or pass to a museum, go there and join the tour, then enjoy and relax. It’s going to be purely fun while you also become more creative this time due to the high’s impact that activates your artistic side.

6. Study or Read a Book

Making your mind more active and focused, cannabis, and its high sedation can be a way for you to have a nice time studying or reading a book. Your consciousness will be working with you the whole time that you were reading or studying.

7. Surf the Web

Many things have been made available on the internet for you to look at and to react about. Such wonderful content from Instagram and Youtube should be enough to make you laugh, cry, and relax while staying high on weed.

8. Yoga

Meditating through yoga while you are strongly high with a joint that you’ve smoked would feel so much better than when you are on your normal condition. This shall feel a lot more interesting than just reading a book and not being able to finish. This activity does not have to be finished, but it’s up to you on how to go about it.

9. Clean  

It’s a boring and unsatisfying task to do that no one wants to do this in his/her spare time. But, induce yourself with some super delightful cannabis in a joint, and you’ll be more than glad to do the task.

10. Go to a Playground and Swing

Everybody who used to be a kid loved to ride a swing. After sniffing a joint of your most wanted bud, you can visit a park and find a swing where you can ride and enjoy that feeling again.

11. Have Sex

Sex and high feeling complement each other so well. They both make each other feel a better cannabis smoking experience. No need to choose between the two because it’s definitely safe to enjoy both.

12. Take a Walk

With cannabis influence inside your brain and your body, the environment, and your surrounding will look more beautiful and not similar to how it was before. The sounds of everything going on and the fresh air that you breathe outside of your home is what will make you superbly pleased. 

13. Do a Little Cardio

When you move and do some exercise, endorphin is the hormone that your body releases, which makes you super feeling great. So, if you want to exercise in a fun and exciting way, choose a cardio exercise that you really like to do, such as dancing to slow music, belly dancing, or biking.

14. Hang with Friends

It’s not only about being outside, partying with your friends, which seems nice but rather the nice little talks you can have with your friends when you’re high. You become extra talkative and super socialite during those times, so hang out as much as you like.

15. Meditate

While your mind is calm, undisturbed by worries, it’s a great opportunity for you to meditate and reflect over things that you feel bored about doing when you’re in your normal mood each day. Being high takes your mind into a trance where there is only bliss and peacefulness to savor. It is definitely one of the fun things to do while high.

16. Make bucket lists of interesting things

Making lists is easy and fun when you are high because your mind is focused and not bothered by anything else. Make a bucket list of everything you like to do or whatever you can think about. It will be so much fun.

17. Play some video games you love 

Again, because your mind is focused and motivated while you are high, you can get that virtual gold medal you’ve been aiming for in just a snap. Weeds allow you to be the best gamer ever!

18. Watch any movie that delights you

This activity is actually perfect also even without the influence of marijuana in the body, who wouldn’t like to chill and just watch a movie on a rainy evening, right? What’s more, when you’re deeply soaked with strong cannabis high!

19. Play Unique Weed Games

A set of specially-thought games that involve weeds again and some simple Q&A. It’s going to take you higher as you go on playing and you’ll love it.

20. Look for and use Old-style Keyboard

Feel that nostalgic emotion when you touch-type on a keyboard made in the 1980s and ’90s. Close your eyes and just try to type the thoughts that come into your mind while you are high. Read your notes later on, and you’ll be surprised.

21. Make some work of art

Grab some art materials like pencil, paper, colors, and other stuff you have been keeping there. Remember the first image you’ve learned to draw when you were still a kid and try that again now that you’re high. The creativity that’s been activated in you will surely make that possible.

22. Try other Foods that taste different

Getting yourself super high most of the time make you crave for food and be hungry all the way. So the best thing to do, think ahead and choose a place where there is great, unique food you can eat. Trying something you’ve never eaten before will be so much fun, too.

23. Take on a hot shower

While you’re lost in thoughts with the high effect of Gorilla Glue, it’s fine to bring yourself naked and sober on a hot shower, which will feel more soothing and relaxing than before.

24. Get to a Spa for some Massage

After showering, isn’t nice to get lying on a bed and enjoying a massage? That’s actually what comes next after a hot shower, so go on and experience it while you are in a trance.

25. Have a Temporary Tattoo on your Body 

Not everybody can do this activity. Lucky you if you are brave enough to endure the pain from needles. But, because you are under cannabis influence, you should be braver, stronger, and more immune to such pain. Tattoo yourself anywhere in your body and feel that added satisfaction.

26. Watch A Funny Favorite Show

Laugh along with the gag show or sitcom you love to watch. The jokes they throw would be funnier this time.

27. Roll some Hash Stash

Preparing for your next tokes is perfect. You’ll never run out of stash or joint to smoke ‘cause you’ve been a scout making more while you’re still high.

28. Practice a few Tricks through Smoking

They say practice makes perfect. Apply that to your goal of performing some smoke tricks during your friends’ birthday parties or hangouts so you’ll get all their attention. It’s fun and easy when you are so into that heavenly trance.

29. Write an exciting Masterpiece of your own

Make an interesting poem or maybe an anecdote of how it really feels to be high on weed. A novel would be nice, but of course, the high only lasts for a few hours, and so you won’t be able to finish it then. Just a few little cute lines would be fine.

30. Play some very old-school Board Games

Back to your childhood days again. Play the board games you’ve forgotten to play when you’ve grown up. It’s nostalgic at the same time exciting to try once in a while when you have just finished a joint.

31. Make recipes of different foods combined

If you are someone who loves to cook, then this activity will bring you so much fun. You could make lots of new recipes while the sedation lasts, and you might end up getting the best recipe in the world. That’s the chef in you!

32. Do the carwash yourself

You’ll probably love to do this before you go to work the following day. Washing your car isn’t that hard to do, and it will actually make use of your energy in such a meaningful and fun way.

33. Learn a skill you never did before

Try to watch videos about tutorials teaching you some better tricks or a skill you haven’t acquired yet, like cross-stitching, knitting, or anything possible. You’ll learn that easily because your head is clear and focused on the high.

34. Listen to some relaxing or soothing Music 

Have that playlist ready on your gadget and click it when you start feeling the high become intense. Sing along with it with all that you can, and you’ll see, the weed’s high will let you get those high notes comfortably, too.

35. Play Legos and build small versions of buildings and houses

Such an old-school game but still looks super exciting to play. Legos let you construct small things, letting your imagination work so well for you. The high feeling is the key to build that biggest Lego toy!

Things You Must Not Do during High

Not that you shall become a devastating monster, but there are certain things you must not do when you are high because you will have trouble perfecting them. Below is a list of those things you would never want to do when you’re loaded.

1. Have yourself a haircut

Never dare to get hold of a pair of scissors because it will be dangerous for you and your hair. Although your hair surely grows back, you cannot probably go out with badly cut hair, can you? 

2. Go on shopping alone

It’s probably the terrifying thing you can do when you are high, and that is to go shopping. You’re a hoarder when your normal, how about when you’re high? Sounds like trouble!

3. Work on a piece of large and heavy machinery 

Stay away from large moving machines even if it’s not something you operate. It’s just dangerous and risky. So keep those blinders away for a while and don’t drive, or you’ll get yourself into trouble.

4. Solve some math problems

Doing math is not for everybody. Not all people can solve number problems during your normal days, how about when your head feels lighter and calmer? Still a no. Math is not for a freshly-baked dude, so skip that.

5. Talk to some authorities

Unless you want to end up behind bars, you will never talk to anyone who can put you into trouble. Talking to some authority like the police or sheriff is never advisable, that’s why it’s also prohibited to drive when you’re high because you don’t want to be suspected of anything while on drugs.

Final Thoughts

Behind all that dos and don’ts, weeds just simply won’t let you miss a thing to do in this world, and there are more possible activities that you can do because you’re high. And, whether they get you into trouble or not, it’s your choice that will matter at the end, and only you know what’s joyful for you inside. The lists above of the fun things to do while high on weed are simple reminders that you can skip or try for yourself and not stop you from being happy. Smoke more weeds, get happier, experience life as it happens, and add spice to it by being high. 

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