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Fresh Candy Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

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Growing complex cannabis strains requires patience and experience, which not everyone possesses. Since the invention of autoflowers, anyone may now cultivate high-quality cannabis without having to worry about light schedules or other annoyances. Fresh Candy Autoflowering is one of these fantastic autoflowering strains that produce high-quality cannabis with no sacrifices. Regarding intensity and flavor, this autoflower is unbeatable!

Breeders used regular Sweet Touch strain to create their Fresh Candy Autoflowering, which has an excellent flavor profile and is well-liked by aficionados. They took their best genotype of the strain, which stood out for its robust, compact, and branchy growth, and added some Ruderalis magic to make it an autoflower.

From its decent yields to the unique candy aroma and good potency for an autoflower, this Indica has everything you could want from quality cannabis. When you combine it with the ease of cultivation, you have an autoflower that we can enthusiastically suggest not just to beginner growers, but also to more experienced cultivars who simply want to cultivate wonderful autoflowers for their convenience!

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Fresh Candy Autoflowering Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant

Genetics Parents: Sweet Tooth x ruderalis

Flowering Period: 8-9 weeks from seed to harvest

Climate: Sunny, Warm

Yield:  500-550 gr/m² indoors, 100-150 gr/plant outdoors

Flavors:  Sweet, Candy, Tropical, Caramel

THC Level: 17%

CBD Level: 1%

Height: 60cm – 160cm

Harvest Period: September to October

Growing Difficulty: Easy


What are the Flavor and Effects of Fresh Candy Autoflowering Marijuana?

The strain’s THC content of 17% is pretty high for an autoflower. As a result, Fresh Candy Autoflowering is an Indica strain capable of producing a potent and profoundly soothing effect that will not disappoint. It will tickle your taste buds with a fantastic candy flavor that is strong, fresh, and sweet all at the same time, making it an utter pleasure to smoke. Don’t be shocked if you have difficulty putting this one aside once you’ve had your first hit!

What are the Medical Benefits of Fresh Candy Autoflowering Marijuana?

Cannabis enthusiasts and medical marijuana users alike will benefit from the medicinal properties this strain contains. It gives brief relief from a wide range of psychological and physical issues. Its mood-enhancing characteristics are ideal for people suffering from anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, or depression. Stress, muscle discomfort, and tension can all be relieved with it. Migraine episodes, muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and even dysmenorrhea can all be reduced with consistent use. 

Without synthetic chemicals, such substantial advantages are comparable to over-the-counter medications. The Fresh Candy Autoflowering Marijuana is also said to help with nausea and appetite stimulation, which is beneficial to persons with eating problems and cancer patients through chemotherapy.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Fresh Candy Autoflowering Marijuana

The usual cottonmouth and dry eyes that can contribute to dizziness and headaches have been reported by users who have smoked Fresh Candy Autoflowering Marijuana; to ease such discomforts, it is recommended to boost fluid intake and keep eye drops accessible. Overdosing on this robust strain can cause heightened anxiety and intense couch-lock, so smokers, especially novice users, should exercise caution and wait for the high to kick in before continuing.

How to Grow Fresh Candy Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

If you want to grow Fresh Candy Autoflowering, it is a very forgiving strain, even for those who are just starting their marijuana cultivating journey. It thrives practically everywhere and can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It will attain a height of 60-160cm if grown indoors under a 600W light, with yields of up to 550g/m2. It will reward you with up to 130g per plant if you grow the plant outside and give it enough sun exposure.

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  1. KC Williams

    unmatched as always! 10/10!!!!!

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