Dolato Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Dolato Marijuana Seeds is a high THC cannabis strain with high yields and early flowering. This is a calming, relaxing, sedating, uplifting, and hungry strain with strong earthy flavors. This delicious train is good for different medical conditions including depression, arthritis, inflammation, migraines, stress, nausea, and insomnia in a natural and safe way.

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More About Dolato (fem)

The Finest way to relax

An Indica-dominant hybrid, Dolato is an offspring of Do-Si-Dos and Gelato #41. Carrying the traits of her parents, Dolato is appeasing in nature, making one feel very relaxed and couch-locked. Its effect is so indulging that it also makes the mind in the state of peacefulness but a little bit dazed. While the soothing effect embodies all over, feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress vanish, as do spasticity and chronic pain.

It contains 20 percent THC levels that do not make immediately sober unless relished in steep dosage, letting several hours in the state of high before falling into a deep sleep, thereby addressing the concern for insomnia.

Cultivators with enough background in cannabis growing can be likely to secure the practical requirements in growing Dolato feminized. The strain is sturdy but likes to thrive indoors, where the common gardening components are easily controlled. It provided the best setting; it produces massive yields.


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