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Critical Jack Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Critical Jack Strain feminized cannabis seed called was created by crossing two legendary cannabis strains. The resulting strain is sativa-dominant, has a lemon flavor, and is quite energizing. The incredible bounty of a massive, quickly produced crop of grade-A marijuana is the icing on the cake. Due to their distinguished heritage, the two legendary cannabis mix some of the most sought-after genetics. This slick operator benefits from the various genetics of legendary Haze, indica-dominant Northern Lights, two distinct Skunks, and Big Bud. When you purchase cannabis seeds from Mary Jane’s Garden, we promise to give you the best Critical Jack feminized cannabis seeds available on the market. Our seed bank is devoted to provide marijuana seeds of the highest quality and with a high rate of germination to our esteemed customers.

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What is Critical Jack Strain?

Critical Jack Strain is the result of the deliberate selection and breeding of Critical Mass and Jack Herer, two highly esteemed and renowned marijuana strains. The Critical Jack Herer strain benefited from this, taking up first place in the outdoor category at the Cannabis Cup Thai Maria in 2011 and the Copa Humos del Diablo in Uruguay in 2017. The finished result is a compact, very strong hybrid that is 60% Sativa and 40% Indica, with fantastic resin production and excellent yields. The feminized Critical Jack seeds’ genetic make-up and sativa-dominance result in quick and uplifting effects. Users are able to manage the pleasure and buzz in their heads so they can carry on with their regular activities. Most people rely on Critical Jack’s help to improve their mood throughout the day. THC content in these feminized Critical Jack seeds is significant, at 15-20%. This means that excessive consumption might sap motivation and vitality. Don’t let these alluring flowers tempt you into overeating. Users who utilize it in moderation notice long-lasting, comprehensive results. This strain also delights the taste buds because it is creamy and zesty with tart lemon and fresh pine. The feminized seeds for Critical Jack are simple to grow. The buds are a preferred option at dispensaries around the country because they develop quickly, are hardy, and resistant to diseases and pests.


When crushed, the blossoms release an aroma reminiscent of incense commonly used in churches and a pleasant, piney scent with a lemony flowery undertone.


On inhalation, it tastes spicy, peppery, bittersweet, and has a sharp lemon aftertaste. It should come as no surprise that this strain’s success is greatly attributed to its delicious flavor, which is combined with a hint of fine timber and floral undertones.


The plant has a narrow, generally Sativa-shaped lime green, delicate leaves turn purple as the temperature drops. With white trichomes that sparkle, light brown pistils, and conical buds that produce an enormous amount of resin.

Strain Profile

Strain Parents: Critical Plus x Jack Herer
Strain Dominant: 40% Indica / 60% Sativa
CBD Content: 0.5%
THC Content: 19%
Flowering Time: 8 – 10 weeks

Critical Jack Strain Growing Information

Feminized Critical Jack Strain cannabis seeds can be grown by novices, professionals, and beginners alike. These magical beans grow enormous plants that yield enormous harvests quickly. We urge gardeners who reside in suitable climates to cultivate outside for genuinely astounding yields. These plants grow most well outdoors in a hot, dry, Mediterranean climate, but greenhouses are also excellent. Using Critical Jack feminized seeds, you can grow a plant that is over 10 feet tall. Sativa strains typically have long internodal spacing, and this one is no exception. At 8–9 weeks, the flowering stage is quite quick. The flowers only need that to grow into enormous conical colas. Growers should be prepared to harvest from late September to late October, depending on the local environment. Farmers can harvest up to 42 ounces of top-quality cannabis per plant from a trouble-free cultivation. Growers can also indoor-grow Critical Jack feminized seeds. If you don’t have a barn, employ some training methods to keep these wild plants in check. Excellent techniques to reduce height are topping, low-stress exercise, and bending. Pre-flowering topping is an excellent option since it prevents your plants from stretching out early in bloom, which could cause them to double in size.

Critical Jack Strain Medical Benefits

The buds produced from Critical Jack strain fem seeds are loaded with health advantages. These Critical Jack feminized seeds yield marijuana that rapidly lifts your mood, as is the case with most sativa-dominant varieties. Users report feeling happier as a result, which lessens tension, anxiety, and despair. This strain’s energizing high is a fantastic remedy for weariness. Although CBD levels are low, the Sativa-Indica balance eventually results in a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere. Although couchlock is rare, some people assert that the calmness relieves migraines. Others mention potential anti-inflammatory effects as a benefit for arthritis. Others who used Critical Jack did so to treat the effects of acute or chronic pain.

Final Thoughts

You will feel happy and emotional after consuming cannabis seeds from the Critical Jack collection. Jack Herer’s Sativa genetics have a potent, protracted stimulating effect. You’ll undoubtedly get a Haze-specific, mildly psychedelic surge. Cannabis seed collection Critical Jack produces more mental than bodily effects. She is the perfect cannabis strain for socializing when the mood strikes. At Mary Jane’s Garden, we offer incredible bulk buy savings on Critical Jack Strain feminized seeds. Please visit our wholesale website to learn more. All verified clients are eligible. Regular and business clients can also purchase our Critical Jack feminized seeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Critical Jack strain Indica or Sativa?

A sativa-dominant hybrid, Critical Jack contains roughly 60% sativa and 40% indica.

Can a beginner grow Critical Jack Strain?

In general, newbie growers should start with feminized strains. Using Critical Jack feminized seeds, you can grow a hardy plant that does well against pests and disease. It has a quick bloom and develops quickly, producing large yields.

Is Critical Jack a good strain?

In terms of THC and CBD, Critical Jack strain has a quite high THC level. Its sativa nature gives the user a potent, long-lasting high that leans more toward the mental than the physical. This strain, which is still ideal for daytime use, gains a slight calming effect from the Critical genetics.


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