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Chocolope Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Chocolope Strain marijuana seeds are a combination of chocolate and cantaloupe with floral and tropical undertones. This is the strain for you if you have a sweet tooth! It is comparable to eating a fruity chocolate cake without the calories or guilt. Everyone deserves an occasional cheat day, but the tasty Chocolope may be part of your regular marijuana regimen. Not only will you feel great, but your home or apartment will also have a pleasant aroma. Your reliable online seedbank is Mary Jane’s Garden. We package and send feminized seeds of premium-quality Chocolope strain with increased germination rates at reasonable pricing. Check out our user-friendly website for exclusive discounts on marijuana seed purchases.

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25 Seeds$240.00

What is Chocolope Strain?

Chocolope Strain seeds has the high-quality cannabis obtain from this wonderful strain. This robust sativa-dominant strain is the result of a potent cross between O.G. Chocolate Thai and Cannalopehaze. Chocolope cannabis is a terrific wake-and-bake strain, with THC levels ranging from 12 to 17%, making it ideal for early morning use. It has also received numerous honors, including the 2007 High Times cannabis cup. Chocolope seeds produce plants that are 10% indica and 90% sativa. It is a strain that motivates and energizes the user, making it a convenient way to begin a hectic day. Some have noticed that Chocolope is preferable to a strong cup of coffee in the morning. Chocolope fem seeds produce cannabis with outstanding energizing qualities and a delectable chocolate flavor. The effect of marijuana grown from Chocolope feminized seeds is comparable to that of a supercharged cup of coffee in the morning. If you’re wondering about cannabis seeds, continue reading. You will learn why it is so gratifying and cherished by so many people.


The Chocolope cannabis strain smells like a decadent chocolate treat. With its earthy, spicy perfume, this product will immediately energize you in the morning.


This sativa strain has a sweet flavor that is stimulating and difficult to resist. You’ll like the robust vanilla flavors mixed with the presence of robust coffee and chocolate delight.


The Chocolope plant is a classic Sativa, with long branches and upper-length buds. Thin, dark green leaves resembling fingers grow on well-spaced branches, eager to absorb as much sunlight as possible. When the buds form, they frequently take on a bright, almost fluorescent green hue with a profusion of bright orange hairs, before settling into a darker tint when they are mature.

Strain Profile

Strain Parents: Chocolate Thai x Cannalope Haze.
Strain Dominant: 10% Indica / 90% Sativa
CBD Content: 0.4%
THC Content: 19%
Flowering Time: 10 – 12 weeks

Chocolope Strain Growing Information

Chocolope Strain marijuana seeds are categorized as easy to cultivate, making them appropriate for both rookie and experienced producers. Furthermore, it is a highly rewarding strain. With the feminized Chocolope cannabis seeds, you may cultivate a sturdy, tough plant. Therefore, you need not worry excessively if you make a feeding or watering error. Especially if you slightly overdo it. This plant may have problems if it receives insufficient nutrients or water. During the vegetative period, the Chocolope plant has a natural propensity to expand or develop significantly. Therefore, it requires adequate nourishment. Chocolope is a plant that responds well to training techniques as a result of its tremendous vitality. SOG and Scrog are strategies frequently employed to limit the height of this plant, which is particularly advantageous when growing indoors in a confined space. By use Scrog, you can give the plant a bushier appearance while also stimulating her to generate more buds. If you intend to cultivate your Chocolope feminized seeds outside, As long as there are sufficient daylight hours, this should not be a problem. In truth, she can attain a height of up to 2 meters in open terrain and with sufficient sunshine.

Chocolope Strain Medical Benefits

There are numerous advantages to feminized Chocolope cannabis. The strain is well-known for the sensational sensory experience it provides, but there is more to it than meets the eye. The sativa genes of Chocolope strain feminized cannabis might assist you overcome negativity within minutes. Patients frequently utilize this strain to alleviate neuropathic symptoms like as stress, melancholy, and even anxiety. Additionally, marijuana made from Chocolope fem seeds can assist you overcome weariness and lethargy. You are not exhausted in body or spirit. The weed produced by these cannabis seeds can restore your appetite. Excellent for those with a diminished appetite due to surgery or radiation therapy. As with most sativas, feminized Chocolope cannabis helps alleviate chronic pain. However, the strain’s anti-inflammatory qualities are not as potent as those of other cultivars. Chocolope feminized cannabis may not be sufficient if you are seeking help from complex medical conditions. This strain is a mood enhancer over anything else.

Final Thoughts

Chocolope strain marijuana seeds are a natural mood enhancer, making them an ideal option for smokers suffering from anxiety, despair, or stress. We could all use a bit more happiness in our daily lives. Similar to orange, lemon, and lime, Chocolope’s citrusy aroma provides an immediate mood boost. There is something in citrus flavors that makes us want to grin, as established by scientific research. Mary Jane’s Garden offers feminized Chocolope seeds for purchase. Visit our website and get a batch now to begin cultivating this remarkable strain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chocolope strain Indica or Sativa?

Chocolope is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a very complex flavor profile.

How strong is Chocolope feminized strain?

Its THC content typically ranges from 15% to 21%. Chocolope is ideal for both rookie and experienced cannabis consumers, since it induces a powerful cerebral high that is frequently described as dreamlike, surreal, and thought-provoking.

Is Chocolope a good Strain?

Chocolope strain is ideal for daytime use because to its potent stimulating qualities. Also, it is well-known for being an excellent morning herb. Due of its powerful effects, the Chocalope strain is not the best option for beginners.


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