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Cherry Pie Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Cherry Pie Strain are an Indica-dominant hybrid that produces marijuana with well-known effects on the mind and body, making them an excellent choice for seeds. The aroma of freshly cooked cherry pie will make your mouth swim with just one puff. This strain is suitable for use at any time of day. This strain is always a fantastic joy, regardless of when you smoke it. Cherry Pie Marijuana Seeds are an excellent option for those in need of a potent strain with a pleasant aroma. Mary Jane’s Garden desires to provide our valued clients with the finest feminized Cherry Pie Strain seeds possible. We make sure to supply high-quality, thriving seeds at reasonable pricing. Check out our user-friendly website; if you purchase cannabis seeds from us, you’ll receive discounts.

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What is Cherry Pie Strain?

Cherry Pie Strain got a lot of interesting traits by breeding Granddaddy Purple with an F1 Durban Poison. Since the day it came out, cannabis fans have flocked to Cherry Pie to try its purple buds. Cherry Pie is a feminized version of Grandaddy Purple. It smells like berries and makes you feel calm. Because of this family tree, flowers also get a bright purple color as they get older. As for Durban Poison, it has effects that have won awards and can wake up your mind and body. It’s also the cause of the background musk that smells like dirt. There are 60% Indica genes and 40% Sativa genes in feminized Cherry Pie marijuana seeds, but the effects are much more balanced. The THC levels in the buds range from 16–18%, while the CBD levels are below 2%. Even though Cherry Pie feminized weed has only a small amount of CBD, it still has a lot of benefits for its users.


You’ll love the scent of this strain, which smells like a freshly baked cherry pie. Some of you might say it smells like cherries, and others might say it smells like blueberries.


It tastes like smoked cherries, and there is also a hint of a sand-like flavor. The taste is very mild, which is different from how it smells. The berry notes stand out and taste good on the tongue.


It’s a beautiful strain with colors that range from green to purple. The buds are tight and round, and they have orange hairs on them. They are also covered with a thick layer of sticky-looking white trichomes.

Strain Profile

Strain Parents: Granddaddy Purple x Durban Poison
Strain Dominant: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
CBD Content: 0.5%
THC Content: 20%
Flowering Time: 8 – 10 weeks

Cherry Pie Strain Growing Information

Cherry Pie Strain feminized cannabis seeds are a great choice for both new and experienced growers. These plants have the strength and toughness that Indica strains are known for. They can handle changes in temperature and strong winds. You can grow marijuana from feminized Cherry Pie seeds inside or outside. We recommend getting a grow tent because you can control the environment and get better results. Keep your setup between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and with a humidity level of less than 50%. With your feminized Cherry Pie Strain cannabis seeds, it’s a good idea to use the Sea of Green method. This method makes the most of small growing spaces and can increase yields overall. You’ll need at least four plants next to each other and a strict light schedule of 12 hours. If you want to grow feminized Cherry Pie marijuana seeds outside, you’ll get the best results in a Mediterranean climate. Pests and water can hurt the growth of plants outside, so you need to take extra care of them.

Cherry Pie Strain Medical Benefits

Cherry Pie feminized weed is just like marijuana, which is one of the most underrated healing herbs. This strain of cannabis helps people with a wide range of physical and mental illnesses. Also, depending on how much you use, you can get benefits from its buds at any time of day. Small amounts of dry Cherry Pie Strain feminized buds can help with tiredness and loss of appetite. People who have trouble focusing can benefit from the way this strain of marijuana makes the mind work. Its uplifting qualities are also a great way to get rid of negative thoughts or self-doubt, which can help fight depression. Cherry Pie feminized weed has anti-inflammatory properties because it is mostly made up of Indica. So, you can quickly get rid of headaches, long-lasting pain, and cramps. When you enjoy these buds after work, you can easily let go of any tension or stress that has built up. If you are having trouble sleeping, eating more Cherry Pie feminized flowers can help. The best part is that you feel rested and ready to take on the next day when you wake up.

Final Thoughts

Cherry Pie Strain feminized seeds are a favorite with both growers and users. They are easy to grow and only need a short time to bloom. The strain makes a lot of flowers and is known for its great taste and smell. Cherry Pie is a good choice for people who want to unwind after a long day. The high amount of THC helps people fall asleep quickly and sleep well. Head high helps get rid of bad thoughts and replace them with happy, positive ones. This makes it a good strain for dealing with stress, depression, and anxiety. If you want to buy a lot of Cherry Pie Strain feminized seeds at Mary Jane’s Garden, go to our wholesale page to find out about our amazing discounts for buying in bulk. All verified customers can use it. The Cherry Pie feminized seeds we sell to both regular and business customers are the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Cherry Pie make you feel?

Cherry Pie is unique among Indica Heavy hybrids in that its tremendous body high and calm feelings are not followed by fatigue or lethargy; this is why many cannabis fans consider it the ideal strain for medical use. Excellent for reducing worry, stress, or simply helping you unwind at the end of the day.

Is Cherry Pie strain Indica or Sativa?

Our Cherry Pie cannabis strain is a cross between Grandaddy Purple and Durban Poison that is mostly Indica. It was grown from a Berner-famous clone that we got from Dark Heart Nursery. The Indica-dominant hybrid brings together the best parts of both of its parents.

Is Cherry Pie a strong strain?

Cannabis testing lab Multiple samples of Cherry Pie flower analyzed by Analytical 360 have revealed consistently high quantities of THC, averaging about 20%.


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