Chemdog#4 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Chemdog#4 Marijuana Seeds is a mostly-indica cannabis strain known for its high THC and good yields. It flowers early at just 8 to 10 weeks and can produce creative, energetic, and relaxing buds with citrus, lemon, pine, woody, and sweet-flavored buds. This hybrid is perfect for greenhouse growing as long as you maintain a sunny or temperate growing climate.

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More About Chemdog#4

Must-have Strain into Your Garden

Chemdog#4 is a remarkable strain due to its extraordinary features and exceptional effects with a superb flavor and aroma profile. By having an adequate THC level of 24 to 28%, this strain must consider a must-have plant to add in your garden. It was an Indica-dominant strain that provides a massive body high that will gradually go to your head up to your feet. Chemdog#4 tends to make a blend of an elevating yet relaxed feeling. This strain has notes of pine, citrus, lemon, and a taste for its smell, as well as its flavor that makes you become more satisfied after taking a few puffs.

Growing Chemdog#4 is quite demanding to cultivate, as it requires more time and effort because this plant is somehow vulnerable to any moisture-related diseases such as mildew and molds. However, after the successful growing cannabis, it will absolutely never fail to recompense your time and efforts while growing it. Trimming and pruning sessions are required for its lush foliage to prevent any molds that may appear while growing it, also using such techniques will help your plant to allow more air circulation, especially in the lower part of the plant.

Cultivating it indoors is the simplest way to keep it, just maintain the temperature within 21 to 27°C and combine with 40 to 50 % RH level. This plant usually grows up to 150 cm tall indoors; that’s why a lateral space in your growing room is necessary. After the flowering period of 9 to 10 weeks, expect to harvest as much as 550 grams of buds each square meter. Using a Screen of Green setups is highly recommended to achieve such yields.

On the other hand, Chemdog#4 can thrive more if you cultivate it in a Mediterranean-like climate. Having such a favorable temperature, each plant can yield as high as 700 to 850 grams of great buds.

5 reviews for Chemdog#4 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Wendy Rehm

    Indica strains are my absolute favorite. Probably unforgettable when it comes on the creative buzz and high energy being brought by Chemdog #4 because they last for HOURS! Not hard to cultivate, but does require some effort, and don’t be lazy until harvesting time will come. Surely, that feels great and will fulfill your satisfaction. So much love cause I keep growing my own weed at home, it feels a lot easier. I am getting too excited for the next couple of harvests, I know this will result again in a great yield of dense and best buds. Top and best quality for both seeds and service here in Mary Jane!

  2. Deandra Eilers

    Chemdog is a sweet and potent strain with sour marijuana, harsh smoke, and a lot of fun to me! Every evening, I share this with my colleagues. We gather around the television to watch Netflix and laugh the whole night away. It grows a beautiful-looking bud that is always tall, strong, and tasty. It’s a blessing in that it’s simple to develop and generates a lot of really fresh nugs, but it’s also a curse in that it’s just so darn tasty that you can’t avoid smoking it. Chemdog marijuana is also a medicinal cure for migraines and anxiety that I get on occasion. I’m so excited to grow more of this fantastic material!

  3. Lottie Taillon

    Chemdog has been the most effective treatment for my nausea so far, despite the fact that I have a severe illness. It’s calming, stimulating, and anxiety-relieving. I don’t have a lot to say about this because my wife grew it for me. They were grown outdoors, which took a little longer, but in exchange, I received these bright green buds and a tall and bushy plant. Since it’s been the best for my disease so far, its recreational effects are also pleasing, as it has a potent body high and the uplifting vibe that I’m looking for! I believe we will continue to do growing and smoking this dope weed!

  4. Jerome Taylor

    An intensely calming weed, ideal for your downtime! It’s effortless to grow and doesn’t need much care beyond regular watering, heat, and occasional pruning. The plant is tall and bushy, and it produces a lot of flowers; I can barely remember I got at least 1000 flowers from only three plants, so keep that in mind when purchasing! This weed has a lovely sour and earthy flavor, and it’s excellent for stress and headaches! It’s incredibly sour and spicy, as well as a shiny, bright green that brings the uplifting high into me! I love how this makes me happy and how all of my worries and pressures fade away. What a delight!

  5. Raphael Jiggetts

    Great weed for beginners like me; I adore the vibrant green nugs and thick resin layers. It grew tall and bushy, perfect for my expansive garden. High starts cerebral and heady and slowly makes its way into a soothing and vibrating sensation, leaves me feeling extra relaxed and happy. I slowly felt that my depression, anxiety, and PSTD are not showing off. Its smoke makes me exceptional and creates an artistic work, and dramatically reduces depression and anxiety. I strongly advise you to try this strain. As I puff it, I can taste lemon and pine flavors, my favorite flavors, LOL!

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