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Blueberry Regular Marijuana Seeds


The Blueberry Marijuana Strain is a 75% Indica-Dominant strain. The Blueberry marijuana strain mixes the Thai Sativa, Purple Thai, and Afghani Indica. The Blueberry marijuana strain is a beginner-friendly strain since it is easy to cultivate. This strain has a flowering period of 9 weeks when grown indoors, while the harvest period falls in mid-October when developed outdoors. When thrived, this strain produces an average of 300 grams to 500 grams.

Recreational and medicinal users keep coming back to this strain since it has an above-average 20.33% THC content with its 1.40% CBD content. Another reason why this strain is popular is because of its coffee, chocolate, earthy, and nutty flavors. Consuming this strain at the end of the day will help you to fall asleep quickly.

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Blueberry Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: 75% Indica 25% Sativa, 

Genetics Parents: Purple Thai x Thai Sativa x Afghani Indica

Flowering Period: 9 Weeks

Climate: Mediterranean, Sunny

Yield: 300g to 500g

Flavors: Coffee, Chocolate, Earthy, Nutty

THC Level: 20.33%

CBD Level: 1.40%

Height: Tall

Harvest Period: Mid October

Growing Difficulty: Medium

What are the Flavor and Effects of Blueberry Marijuana Strain?

This bud is sticky, fragrant, and suggestive of a sweet berries basket fresh from the harvest. The presence of Blueberry’s earthy pine quickly stays throughout the atmosphere and makes it look like blueberries. Blueberry tastes like it smell very much. Its aroma is so unique that it would not be hard for most recreational consumers to conceive of this strain by its fragrance. Blueberry’s sticky buds ensure an abundance of flavors that sticks to the language and makes it taste like delicious blueberries and coffee.

It’s a strong stress-buster. Blueberry is a potent and efficient relaxing substance, making it familiar for those who want to come home on a long and quick working day. It produces an intense high that lifts at once stirred all the positive feelings and makes you smile uncontrollably or fit into giggling. This pressure causes great euphoria and raises and changes the mood in the best possible way. Due to its high Indica vibes, this tension will make you feel sleepy due to the solid relaxing aspect, so you better consume it at the closing of a day.

What are the Medical Benefits of Blueberry Marijuana Strain?

Due to the multiple calming elements, doctors like this powerhouse. Blueberry Marijuana Strain is excellent for restoring a feeling of peace and relaxation. This strain is stress control talent and has proved to be effective for those who suffer chronically. Blueberry Strain is indeed wildly successful in treating many conditions of pain. The CBD concentration is incredibly high, at 1.40%, and even the worst of all chronic pain becomes numb. It is also possible to eliminate stress and insomnia with this strain, calm the patient, and encourage happier, lighter feelings. Blueberry Strain can stimulate healthy appetite in cancer patients who suffer from severe nausea and lack of appetite, increasing taste buds effects. Another explanation for this strain is to battle the basis of sleeplessness and insomnia.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Blueberry Marijuana Strain 

This strain is potent and must be used carefully, particularly for newbies who’ve been unaware of its effects. Blueberries can leave you feeling mildly paranoid and dizzy when smoking in a big dosage, and drowsiness can also leave you with a touch of a headache.

How to Grow Blueberry Regular Marijuana Seeds 

This plant needs plenty of room since it likes to expand horizontally, being large. Blueberry Strain is not the best strain to grow because it requires an excellent living climate. If this strain is taken outdoors and nourished with suitable organic fertilizers, it will become a high-happy vine. This aromatic baby takes a minimum time to develop indoors, of 9 weeks as usual. Blueberry expects to produce an average of around 300 grams per square meter during harvest. Blueberries, best grown outdoors, can excel in such an open-air environment. This strain has the needs of the best possible soil and a sunny Mediterranean climate. Blueberry will generously produce, clocking on average 500 grams per plant during harvest. This plant expects to be ready for harvesting by mid-October.



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