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Black Domina Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Black Domina Strain feminized seeds produce dark indica plants to brighten a gray day. The stunning black foliage of these magnificent cannabis plants helped them develop a cult following. You’re about to witness this strain develop in front of your eyes; a grower knows it like the back of their hand. The growing and smoking experiences promised by feminized Black Domina seeds are incredibly satisfying. Practice growing a herb without any hassles, then indulge in sweet flavors that never cease to astound you with their intricacy. Allow the positive energy to wash over you as you reclaim your sense of complete wellness. Are you prepared to raise top-notch cannabis plants, experience abundance with the least amount of work, and relax after a long day? With feminized seeds from Mary Jane’s Garden, you can explore this melting pot of cultivars.

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What is Black Domina Strain?

Black Domina Strain combines the world’s top Indica genetics in a fast-flowering, crystal-coated hybrid. In addition, its unique appearance sets it apart from all others. This quick-flowering and simple-to-grow cannabis strain was cleverly created by combining four of the best Cannabis Afghanica species. The Black Domina cannabis plant is equally appropriate for ganja connoisseurs, novice growers, and profit-seekers because it possesses all the desired traits of the premier Afghani strains Northern Lights, Ortega, Hash Plant, and Afghani SA. Each Black Domina female is a potential successful and productive mother plant thanks to the seeds’ wide range of pleasing phenotypes and their consistent Indica traits, including quick growth, high bud density, compact stature, and amazing resin production. In ideal circumstances, these marijuana seeds have a 20% THC content while having very little CBD. As a result, a psychotropic avalanche that promotes wellbeing begins right away.


This breed mostly emits the strong, traditional skunk aroma. Throughout every stage of its existence, a woodsy and earthy aroma is also present. An aroma that is much more delicious and flavored with berries emerges as full blooming starts to take hold.


Black Domina Strain Feminized’s savory flavors feature hints of blackberry and pepper with a black hashish aftertaste.


The leaves are very dark green when they are in vegetative state, and they are wide enough to almost appear round, true to the indica heritage. She becomes a real beauty as the buds form, taking on the same dark, nearly black coloring but with bright orange hairs running through them.

Strain Profile

Strain Parents: Ortega x Afghani x Hash Plant x Northern Lights
Strain Dominant: 95% Indica / 5% Sativa
CBD Content: 0.1 – 0.11%
THC Content: 12 – 24%
Flowering Time: 8 – 10 weeks

Black Domina Strain Growing Information

Growing marijuana from feminized Black Domina Strain seeds is a straightforward process that offers enormous benefits. For new gardeners, feminized Black Domina seeds are ideal. Plants continue to be short enough for any setting and can easily withstand inexperienced mistakes. The outstanding genome of this strain ensures complete success. Your experience with this lady’s cultivation is made easier by two hereditary variables. These marijuana seeds are from indica strains. Due to their genetic makeup, they are resistant to bad weather, bugs, illness, and mold. They become high-yielding and quickly blossom as a result. Additionally, the feminized version of Black Domina Strain seeds removes the chance of fertilization. You can stop sexing your plants and concentrate on creating the best possible growing circumstances. What does “optimal” signify in relation to these marijuana seeds? Consider the following elements:

A temperature between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit and a relative humidity of under 50%
Moderate and consistent watering
Abundant NPK feeds
Prudent trimming in the vegging and flowering stages.
Strong grow lamps or exposure to sunlight
If you follow all the instructions, your Black Domina feminized seeds will grow into squat beauties that are bursting with bud sites.

Black Domina Strain Medical Benefits

Your body absorbs cannabis from Black Domina Strain feminized seeds with ease. As a result, both the medical marijuana community and stressed-out recreational consumers love it. This strain’s indica characteristics make it ideal for medical use at night. You may have fun while reducing the signs and symptoms of:

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
Muscle sprains
Persistent pain
Crohn’s illness
MS (multiple sclerosis)

The euphoria further fosters happiness. Even if you have an eating disorder or experience sickness, you may nourish your body with nutritious foods thanks to the uncontrollable munchies. You start to feel exceedingly drowsy as the drunkenness departs your body. Without the use of sedatives that can become addictive, getting a restful night’s sleep becomes achievable.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis seeds from the Black Domina Strain Feminized are a traditional rehash of the original four-way hybrid. With this refined strain, you can discover the complexity and power of indicas. You’ll find that this end of the cannabis spectrum offers a lot more than just a high. Purchase these seeds here at Mary Jane’s Garden for large, simple harvests of excellent indica buds that will please even the pickiest cannabis connoisseurs!.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What strain is Black Domina?

Black Domina Strain is a 95% Indica strain. Its genetics comprise four potent Indicas, including a landrace Afghan, Canadian Ortega, Northern Lights, and Hash Plant, despite its instability.

How strong is Black Domina Strain?

Black Domina often contains between 18% and 24% THC. Its high will induce a state of relaxation and ease the user’s body’s pains throughout the remainder of the day..

What does Black Domina Strain smell like?

A potent smoke is called Black Domina. The resinous buds have a variety of smells, from a sharp peppery aroma to a deep blackberry aroma. Black Domina buds are not meant to be sweet, and some users worry if the pipe also includes hashish because of how smoky and peppery they taste.


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