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Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds Planting

Planting autoflowering marijuana seeds do well in smaller pots than regular strains of marijuana, which means it is possible to plant the cannabis plants in one or two gallon pots. These are cannabis plants that when growing get no taller than 20 inches and some strains or depending on the size of the pot it is planted in will not get much taller than 12 inches in height.

This is thrilling to growers that have smaller growing areas, because it can mean being able to plant more weed and there can be cannabis plants planted at different intervals to keep a continuous weed crop growing and harvesting.

Planting autoflowering marijuana seeds can be put in the outdoors in with other plants, known as a sea of green. They can be planted indoors in the smaller pot, the greenhouse is a great place for these low height cannabis plants that can easily be hidden among other plants and they do amazing in the hydroponics setup. The grower placing an order to buy autoflowering marijuana seeds can find them cheap, in quality strains that have high levels of THC and a large yield for a smaller growing cannabis plant.

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