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What Are Autoflowering Marijuana Plants?

What are autoflowering marijuana plants and seeds?

Growing marijuana plants really takes time and undergoes different techniques to cultivate a good breed and harvest high quality weeds. Auto flowering is one of the techniques used to speed up the harvest time of the marijuana plants. Most of the marijuana growers prefer this type of technique, especially when they are expecting a continuous harvest.

Auto flowering cannabis or marijuana plants and seeds first came up in Russia and Eastern Europe, due to the climate changes in these places made obvious by their shorter summers.  The region’s long days of winter didn’t meet the appropriate time needed by these weeds to grow on schedule. The breeders thought of an idea to make a new breed of marijuana that can shorten the period of growing, even without receiving enough exposure of sunlight. Most marijuana plant growers allot 18 hours of light a day and the features of the plant is different from the regular one. Its leaves are greener, and short in stature which is 16-20 inches, but 12-16 inches is the typical height already for these breed. Its buds are compact with a perfect leaf ratio; each pistil is medium in size, orange in color, and with individual calyxes.

Autoflowering Marijuana Plants & Seeds

What Are Autoflowering Marijuana Plants?

An Auto flowering cannabis is a special type of seed wherein it is made so as it would not be dependent in the growing process, especially in their lighting schedules. Auto flowering strains is an artificial way to induce the growth of marijuana plants even if it is grown indoors. “Lowryders” is one of the famous breeders and sellers of auto flowering marijuana, where this kind of strains don’t rely too much on light exposures during their whole growth cycle. An auto flowered marijuana’s advantage is that it can be simply planted in same area, rather than separating what is needed from regularly bred marijuana plants. The lighting schedule not needed to be altered. In other words, simply plant the auto flowering cannabis seed, and it will just grow automatically after 24 hours, then it starts to flower from 3 to 5 weeks, and produce buds from 5 to 7 weeks.

How it is done? Plant the auto flowering seeds immediately, always make sure that the male cannabis plants are eliminated or harvested before the new auto flower plant is planted to avoid any accidental pollination. Auto flowering cannabis can grow in the soil or in hydro systems. Also take into consideration the use of marijuana fertilizers to aim the best quality weeds. This will also take effect on the size and maturity of the plants. Use the fertilizer two weeks using the vegetative fertilizer and four weeks for the bloom fertilizer. For amazing results, plant the auto flowering ganja seeds in 1-2 gallon pots to grow bigger yields. For those planning to plant auto flowering cannabis outdoors, May to August is the perfect time to grow these plants. With the proper attention and care, these can be harvested in the month of November.


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