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Auto CBD Critical Mass Marijuana Seeds


Auto CBD Critical Mass Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with high CBD at 5 percent and very low THC at 5 percent. This is a short strain only 90 to 100 cm tall but can produce good yields. It is the ultimate indoor or stealth area plant with its calming, creative, focused, and relaxing effects.

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More About Auto CBD Critical Mass

Massive Yields From This Medical Miracle

Auto CBD Critical Mass is the auto-flowering version of the highly-acclaimed medical marijuana – CBD Critical Mass. This high-yielding plant remains one of the topmost producers of cannabinoids known as CBD. This is due to crossing it with an unknown Ruderalis strain that is known to enhance the yielding capabilities of a certain strain. Critical Mass is already a good producer of buds, but with this version, the yields are through the roof.

Smoking this weed is highly advised if you are experiencing a lot of pain. CBD is a great natural substance that eliminates inflammatory properties within the body. The higher the CBD level, the better, and with this specific weed, CBD levels are off the chart. This strain enables a lot of healthy benefits to the body, including stress reduction, anti-depression and anxiety, and a great appetite stimulant.

Many auto-flowering strains are flourish when they are cultivated in a controlled environment. An indoor setup should be a wise choice for growers of this high-yielding strain.


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