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Alien Technology Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Alien Technology Strain is a famous and enigmatic super strain with little information regarding its mysterious origins. The genetic material allegedly arrived in the United States via military members returning from Afghanistan. The strain began to appear in dispensaries on the west coast. Soon, it was being used as breeding stock for some of the more potent top-shelf hybrids, including Alien Kush and Alien Dawg.

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What is Alien Technology Strain?

Alien Technology Strain originated is similar to an alien – nobody knows where it came from. That it contains Afghan Indica landrace genetics is the only thing we can be sure of. Growing Alien Technology Feminized seeds is no different from increasing Afghan Indicas, which are renowned for their tenacity. Additionally, it can be utilized to create certain potent strains, such as Alien Gorilla Glue. The ability to purchase Alien Technology feminized seeds online is uncommon due to the strain’s coveted genetics. According to the legend, a US soldier who had just returned from Afghanistan handed it to a well-known breeder. Although the complete history of these feminized seeds is unknown, their genetics make them a delight to grow and a joy to smoke. This strain is very strong, with a THC concentration of 18–24% and a CBD content of less than 1%. The landrace seed source used to create the strain is entirely Indica. The high starts mild and tingling before gradually intensifying into a powerful narcotic impact. The buzz from this strain continues and can stay for up to 6 hours, unlike some strains, which start to fade within the first hour. Medical users who want the most impact from the least amount of product and usage seek powerful, long-lasting benefits.


It produces an aroma that is woody and earthy yet sweet that hypnotizes your senses.


The taste is smooth, peppery, and earthy after breathing the smoke. You might taste turpentine and vanilla after you exhale the cigarette.


This strain produces bright green, tightly packed buds in the shape of popcorn with dark crimson pistils that make the buds appear fluffy like cotton candy.

Strain Profile

Strain Parents: Afghan Indica Landrace
Strain Dominant: 100% Indica / 0% Sativa
CBD Content: 0.2% CBD
THC Content: 18– 24%
Flowering Time: 8 – 10 weeks

Alien Technology Strain Growing Information

Alien Technology Strain has robust, thick, and low-profile growth typical of an Indica strain. Pruning with care and adequate airflow will help prevent mold, mildew, and bud rot from growing inside the ultra-compact colas. Alien Tech does best indoors with colder temperatures and low humidity. Yet, it can complete outside if SOG growing techniques are used. Outdoor flowering will end mid- to late-October, whereas indoor blossoming takes 8 to 10 weeks. The typical yield indoors is 10 to 12 oz/m2, and outside, it is 12 oz/plant. The ideal technique to boost up your strain game and start producing next-level buds is using these feminized strains.

Alien Technology Strain Medical Benefits

Alien Technology Strain may emerge as the subsequent great discovery due to its medical advantages. It has been demonstrated through several tests that it can be utilized to treat a variety of medical ailments. First, this seeds’ soothing properties can be used to treat anxiety problems. As a result, those who struggle with bipolar illness, panic attacks, and paranoia can mix these strain with their prescription medicines. Second, controlling chronic pain and inflammation greatly benefits from the calming Indica and THC effects. Rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, and menstruation cramps can all be treated with marijuana. Finally, treating eating and sleeping disorders is another area where the Indica characteristics are significant. People with poor eating disorders benefit from the strain because it has been shown to be excellent at causing hunger sensations. In a similar vein, the strain has also shown promise in treating insomnia. The enormous demand for Alien Technology seeds for sale can be understood by considering their potential medical applications.

Final Thoughts

You might be concerned about finding high-quality seeds given the rising popularity of the Alien Technology Strain. Our knowledgeable staff at Mary Jane’s Garden have been working hard to supply top-notch seeds. Contact us for unparalleled quality instead of purchasing cheap, overpriced seeds or related products. Let’s collaborate to advance the marijuana industry to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can a novice cultivate feminized seeds from the Alien Technology strain?

Yes. Feminized marijuana seeds from Alien Technology are accessible to beginners. It works well for cultivators with some level of cultivated experience. Pruning, trimming, and LST procedures demand expertise. By reading our Kyle Kushman beginner’s tutorials and adhering to the growing advice, beginners can successfully cultivate this strain.

Is Alien Technology strain a soil or a hydro strain?

Due to its Afghan genetics, it thrives practically anywhere. However, soil is the most straightforward medium for cultivating these seeds. The aromatics and strength of this enigmatic strain may be enhanced by using hydroponics. However, beginners should keep in mind that it takes extra care.

What is the typical height of a feminized Alien Technology strain?

It typically reaches 23 to 48 inches. Indica plants are distinguished by their shorter, bushier shape. LST strategies keep your plants lower to conserve space or keep them undetectable. Although these plants are small, when they are fully grown, they are stuffed with buds that have been coated in resin.

1 review for Alien Technology Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Shelley Ryan

    This strain is really a great strain, even though this strain is a mysterious one, but the effect and the high that this strain brings is a one-of-a-kind, kick-ass high! My lovely plants are doing great!! They are very resilient, I cultivated them and in just 10 weeks, Alien Tech produced densely and some nice buds covered with tiny layers of ice. This is very easy to grow and perfect for a sunny environment. My first germination was successful, it got me a good yield, even though I am a beginner in germinating weed. The seeds I bought here in Mary Jane did not let me down. Definitely, I will buy more here!!!

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