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24K Gold Regular Marijuana Seeds


24K Gold Marijuana Seeds is a balanced hybrid cannabis strain with good yields and high THC at 22 percent. This makes this strain very potent, relaxing, and calming. It is a short strain only 80 to 100 cm high but can produce up to 550 grams per square meter indoors and up to 450 grams per plant outdoors.

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5 Seeds$40.00
10 Seeds$70.00
25 Seeds$140.00

More About 24K Gold (Regular)

Wealthy Potent Cannabis

24K Gold or 24 Karat Gold is also called Kosher Tangie, which is an Indica-dominant cannabis hybrid with high-profile genes, namely Chocolope and the famous LA Confidential. Many growers want to try this award-winning strain because users love the standout citrus flavor profile. Of course, no grower can resist its colorful and eye-catching flowers.

Kosher Tangie has a great potency at 15 to 24 percent, which is perfect for seasoned users. It has medium to large cannabis flowers with spherical, tapered, or spade-shaped flowers. The flowers have an Indica-typical structure, and the leaves have a spring green hue. Also, it has a translucent coat of trichomes covering the outer and inner surfaces of the blossoms, with an icy white sheen. When it comes to the scent, this cannabis strain has orange zest and fresh citrus that jumps off the cured flowers. Upon close inspection, you’ll notice musk and pine lurking underneath.


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