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White Runtz Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds


This strain is native to the San Francisco Bay Area. Effects of this marijuana are cerebral, berry-flavored, and creamy strain noted for its highly productive mental high when stoned. This strain is ideal for enjoying the afternoon when you are working or talking with mates since it helps you be effective without causing your body to be uncomfortable.

White Runtz marijuana is well-known for its results. Gelato and Zkittlez combine to form a potent blend. This strain offers powerful THC-expressive products for its cultivators because it balanced indica and sativa-type genetics. Studies have shown that the percentage of the White Runtz strain of THC will vary from 24 percent to well over time and place.

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White Runtz Autoflower Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa (50%) Indica (50%)

Genetics Parents: Gelato x Zkittlez

Flowering Period: 8-9 Weeks

Climate: Warm

Yield: 14 to 16Oz/m2 indoor / 18oz/p outdoor

Flavors: Sweet cream and Tropical Fruit

THC: 24%

CBD: Low

Height: Average

Harvest Period: Late October

Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Flavors and Effects of White Runtz Autoflower Marijuana?

The physical feeling makes things easier. It won’t give you a jittery or a hyper; instead, you’ll enjoy working on something you want to finish. The pleasurable warmth goes up your back, rapidly spreading to the rest of your body, giving you a lift that will not take your attention away. Also, you can find some snacks on hand in case you get hungry.  The White Runtz flavor roughly resembles the tropical scents but has a heavier focus on fruit. Smoking the strain gives the smoke an earthy, dense feel and an intense flavor. 

What are the Medical Benefits of White Runtz Autoflower Marijuana Strain?

I should point out that White Runtz is, of course, ideal for more than just entertainment. The primary intention of White Runtz is to support patients who are already suffering from ADHD or depression. However, the stress-reducing or anxiety-reducing properties of relaxation help reduce joint stress and discomfort, headaches, or calm down aching muscles and nerves. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from White Runtz Autoflower Strain

Even though an increased appetite and drowsiness may benefit specific individuals with insomnia and people going through chemotherapy, this strain’s ability to cause hunger can be considered an adverse reaction. Other possible side effects of the White Runtz strains include dry mouth or dry eyes, or the effects which commonly follow a high feeling. Different rare adverse reactions include anxiety and paranoia, which can arise when you take too much of this White Runtz quickly because of its high THC level. 

How to Grow White Runtz Autoflower Seed?

This autoflowering marijuana has not yet been reproduced widely due to the Runtz farm’s dedication to it. Since these genetics are so mysterious, learning about growing this strain is difficult. One thing we can guarantee: White Runtz likes it extremely dry. A level of humidity above tolerable limits can lead to mold growth; maintaining a healthy soil nutrient balance will help you prevent these fungus problems. 

You should intend on dedicating some time to grow the plants. No matter how limited your room is, they will reward you with generous harvests. Some plants will produce 14-16 ounces of yield from every square foot of growing area, and when grown in greenhouses, the product will usually climb to about this level. 

Growers in moderate-low-humidity conditions can benefit from the White Runtz strain because of its long gestation time. Due to the enormous temperature variations, Growers can expect to harvest their White Runtz strain around October. Grown outdoors, this marijuana plant can yield up to 1.8 ounces per plant.



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