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What is Hashish and How is it Taken?

One of the most annoying parts when it comes to cannabis use is the terms used by many. For first time users, it might be overwhelming to know all of them at once. Of all the terms out there, Hashish is another term most people don’t know about. Hash or hashish is a type of method on how to consume marijuana. What is hashish? And how is it taken? We’ll soon find out.

What is Hashish?

Hashing is a method by which trichomes are collected and compressed. It is one of the most potent ways to consume marijuana. Trichomes on the other hand are the main material harvest to get hashish. Hashish is a derivative of the Marijuana plant.

They are a sticky and resinous substance found in trichomes of the cannabis plant. When consuming hashish, it is highly recommended to always be prepared as it contains high concentrations of THC the psychoactive compound which produces the ‘high’. Although hashish is made with several procedures, it still contains some of the active compounds in Marijuana such as cannabinoids, terpenes, CBD, and THC.

How do you Smoke Hashish?

There are a lot of ways on how to smoke Hashish, one of the most popular ways is through oral consumption, and others are either infused into a beverage or take a solid form. Hash can also be smoked, either directly or as a way to add some to your traditional smoke.

Some types of hash can also be vaporized on a hot surface with the use of a dab rig. However, dabbing has isn’t ideal as screens are needed because there are still residues left and others won’t melt completely and turn to vapor.

When learning how to use hash or use it at home, it is highly recommended to go first to your trusted budtender so that they can give you the appropriate product. Because smoking or vaporizing hash needs specific tools to use them such as ‘bong’, and dab rig or other heating mechanisms depending on which method you’re going to take.

Always remember that the effects of hash are much more potent, they usually have 50% to over 80% of potency. This is not advisable for first-time users as it may be too overwhelming and overpowering for them. Let the pros handle this.

How does a High from Hash feel?

The main ingredient in Hash is Kief, which is an extremely potent trichome resin. This means that it is highly dependent on the strains used. For example, if the user is going to make Hash with OG Kush strain, then most likely you are going to get hit as fast as you would’ve expected. Remember that the high varies from the strain you use, the cannabinoids and terpenes also depend on it too.

Most users prefer Indica dominant when making a hash because the high is more profound and engulfs the body with good sensation. Compared to traditional smoking marijuana, Hash is fast-acting but has a short duration whereas traditional smoking tends to have more lingering effects.

Also, users prefer to use hash because of how they can get hit fast. Plus, the potency makes them perform more activities during the day.

Another factor when it comes to how high you will get is the method used for making the hash. If you are just a beginner and doing only the standard methods on how to make hashish, you are more likely to get a medium potency. For veterans makes, they are more likely to get the best out of their marijuana because of their mastery of making.

How long does Hash High Usually Last?

The duration of the high depends on the amount you’ve taken and your tolerance with THC. But it is safe to say that the high usually lasts around 45 minutes to an hour.

Unlike smoking hash, consuming hash through edibles might take longer for you to feel its effects as it goes through our digestive tracts, and it may take a while before it is metabolized compared to smoking where it goes directly to our lungs.

How to Make Hash Weed at Home?

Thankfully, a hash can be made at home without any prior knowledge. Not only you need to know what is hashish, but it is also important to know how to make hashish at home because it is a pretty easy and basic thing to do. All you need to know is the right instructions and materials. Take note that we’ll be discussing the two most popular ways on how to make hashish at home.

Hand Rolling Hash Method

The hand-rolling hash is the simplest form to make hash, but it requires the most work.

The ancient way of smoking hash and is used way back ancient times, the idea is to roll the fresh buds in your hands until the sticky residue comes out from the flowers and sticks in your palm.

Before rolling, make sure your hands are clean and sanitized. Now you can start rolling, ensure that you are putting the right pressure.

About 10 to 20 minutes, you’ll be seeing these sticky residues covering up your entire palm.

Once your fingers and palms are covered, the next step is to scrape everything out of your hands. You can use any flat-surfaced scrapers such as ruler or spatula, just make sure that it’s not sharp as you are dealing with your hands.

When they are all removed, form them to any shapes as long they can be easily placed to a blunt or joint. And you are done!

Kief Press Method

This method requires a grinder that has a separate chamber for the kief to create your kief blocks.

Get your cannabis materials such as flowers, and leaves. Grind them and once they are to bits, collect the kief from the bottom chamber of the grinder. You’ll be needing this for the next step.

The next step is pressing them. The is method is quite simple, but it requires a tool for pressing. Load your kief on the press and apply the force needed. Once they are formed like blocks, leave your newly created hash in the press for a day, or even longer

Final thoughts

You should probably know by now what is hashish all about. Hashish is a potent way to enjoy cannabis plants, thanks to its high concentrations you could feel immediate effects right from the get-go. Just be sure to not start big, start small so that you can still enjoy its effects rather than sleeping soundly in your couch. Happy Smoking!

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