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The Best Weed Strains of All Time

There are thousands of available weed strains worldwide, but there are certain strains the exhibit otherworldly effects and therapeutic healings. For those who are first-time marijuana users, you might get overwhelmed when choosing the right strain for you. That’s why we’ll be listing 10 best weed strains of all time to keep you informed so that the next time you are going to your local dispensary, you won’t be having a hard time choosing!

Top 10 Best Weed Strains of All time

OG Kush Strain

To kick things first, we’ll start with the legendary OG Kush strain. By far, the most popular strain ever to grace the world of Weed. Not only does this strain contains some of the best hard-hitting strains but its genes are quite unparalleled. OG Kush exhibits more phenotypes than one would expect. This award-winning strain is capable of giving you massive strains when taken under favorable conditions. Also, it has great terpene profiles that let users experience a whole new high.

Original Haze Strain

Known to many as Haze, the Original Haze was a creation from the Haze brothers in Northern California. The Haze is a product of four landraces, the Colombian, Thai, Indian, and Mexican. When it was bred from the mid-80s, people were quick to judge this one as one of the best strains they ever smoked. The aroma, growth profile, terpenes, and THC made this strain an addicting one.

Northern Lights Strain

A descendant from Thai Sativa and Afghani Indica, the Northern Lights is probably one of the most popular strains and loves in the world of Cannabis. It can keep you high for longer periods while still getting that therapeutic balance. Northern light’s effects on uplifting effects are great for people suffering from anxiety and stress. To accompany its uplifting effects are its very high 21% THC content combined with a sweetness that is palatable to any tongue.

Blueberry Strain

Blueberry is the type of strain that certainly will give you some luscious flavors combined with powerful THC content. What’s good about the Blueberry strain is how easy to cultivate this strain and has great resistance to show for. It can be advised for beginners who are trying to grow their very first topnotch weed without any knowledge.

Blueberry is considered an evening strain because of its capability to put any users to sleep in a matter of minutes. Blueberry softly calms you into a peaceful and relaxing state.

White Widow Strain

White widow strain is a Sativa dominant strain known for its therapeutic effects. It has been on the cannabis scene for quite some time now and its ability to boost creativity and motivation leaves every strain in the dust. White Widow’s THC level is a staggering one, with phenotypes reaching up to 25%. Although the White widow strain is known for its medicinal values, the high it brings shouldn’t be ignored. The high is described as psychedelic and euphoric, keeping users with a good sense of well-being. Moreover, perfectly ideal for users who want to have peace of mind and relaxation.

Durban Poison Strain

Anyone who wants to join the world of cannabis should eventually know what Durban Poison is all about. Durban Poison is a popular choice among cannabis smokers and medical patients as it offers a more potent high combined with medicinal effects. The high is often described as brilliant and calming.

Durban Poison originated from South Africa, A city called Durban, hence the name. Aside from its effects, what entices users is how palatable its flavors are, this strain packs some of the sweetest buds you could ever find. The high will leave you feeling fresh and provokes activities. So, once you smoked this one, be sure to have a list of the things you will do throughout the day.

Amnesia Haze

A very potent Sativa dominant strain, the Amnesia Haze possesses high THC content north of 21%. The Amnesia haze has a great reputation for its long-lasting effects and heavy effects. Amnesia Haze is the winner of the 2011 Highlife Cup, that’s why etch this one on your list.

What I love about Amnesia Haze is its soothing body high coupled with thought-provoking effects. When you hit this one, it provides giggles and there should never be dull moments when you are high with this one. Best smoked with friends and relatives as it boosts social interaction and provides great ambiance.

Blue Dream

Hybrid strains like the Blue Dream strain is among the favorites of veteran weed smokers, as it brings some of the good old memories back in the day where smoking is still illegal in major parts of the world. Blue dream’s growth profiles meant that this strain is typically good for beginners, as it has a very short flowering time and very easy to grow.

The high will give you a subtle balance between sweet high and calmness. Blue Dream strain is also good for medicinal effects, great for smoking during the early parts of the day, giving patients a little time off from anxiety, stress, and pain altogether. this strain is also known to have good resistance from molds, mildews, and root rots. Check this on your list of the best weed strains you are looking for!

G-13 Cannabis Strains

Arguably, the only cannabis strain on this list that was bred by the US Government for research purposes, the g-13 cannabis strain is another popular strain way back the middle portion of the 1980s. The popularity of G-13 strain isn’t himself, it is popular due to its other hybrid strains as some of them of g-13 attached to them, such as g-13 Haze and g-13 Hash plant to name a few.

With THC ranging from 22% to 25%, you are sure to get hit like a truck with this one. Its sweet and pine flavors are to die for! Come have a hit of it and you’ll be mesmerized on how flavorful this strain is. Lastly, if you think about great Indica weed strains of the world, G-13 is up there!

Skunk #1 Strain

One of the earliest hybrids ever created, the Skunk #1 strain is a product of three legendary landraces, the Mexican, Colombian, and Afghanistan. The skunk #1 strain was created during the 70s and bred by the famous breeder Sacred Seed Co. This strain has since become one of the favorites when it comes to old school hybrids.

What’s great about the Skunk #1 strain is how versatile the plant is, it can thrive both indoors and outdoors cultivation, and you wouldn’t fear for their lives as they are highly resistant to common cannabis-related diseases.


Our list of best weed strains should help you pick and choose the right strain for you. Enjoy yourself with some of the best weeds in the world by availing it at seed bank. Always remember to start slow and small if you are just a beginner, and always smoke in moderation

 Lastly, this humble plant is very popular for the right reasons, either use it recreationally and experience stress-free day or use it medicinally to provide pain-free day. Nonetheless, the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis should pave the way for new weed strains to rise as more and more people are using it.

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